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the Concept of Literature

Literary history and the concept of literature I From the 1970s onwards, much has been said about the writing of history and literary history that has cast doubt on its intellectual credibility. For example, Hayden White’s Metahistory (1973) included an influential analysis of the metaphorical foundations of 19th century history writing. In 1979, Jean-Francois Lyotard

Modern Essay;developing the critical tools and vocabulary

The aim of this glossary is not to set in concrete words that are constantly changing and evolving, but rather to help students develop the critical tools and vocabulary with which to understand and talk about poetry. Since poets themselves often disagree about the meaning and importance of terms such as free verse, rhythm, lyric,

Literary Theory and Criticism, and Its Relevance Today

Literary Theory and Criticism and Its Relevance Today Literary criticism is primarily the evaluation of the importance of a particular work or body of work on such grounds as: the personal and/or cultural importance of the themes and the uses of language of a text; the insights and impact of a text; and the aesthetic

Literature Translation as a Creative Act

Literary translation implies the translation of all genres of literature, which include prose, drama and poetry. Literature is described as ‘an apparently nebulous body of knowledge in oral or written form, an imitation of life, which reflects civilization and culture, and which covers every angle of human activities-culture, tradition, entertainment, information among others. ‘ It

the economic development and political empowerment

As awareness and experience of the activity has grown, so has our need for a more comprehensive and detailed definition. Most recently (1999), Martha Honey has proposed an excellent, more detailed version: Ecotourism is travel to fragile, pristine and usually protected areas that strives to be low impact and (usually) small scale. It helps educate

Shakespeare’s heroines

Many critics attempt to show how the disguise relate to the different parts, and/or different characters of the play. This story explores a cariety of themes and issues, however disguise, deceit, celebration and festivity are the major, more prominent ones. Although the play is a “silly play” said by Samuel Pepys, who saw the play

English as a wider knowledge of the text,

There is some knowledge of the text applied to the task and there is a clear understanding of how the writer’s choices shape meaning – for example in considering the language of Prospero as ‘hard and strong’. However this is not developed into analysis nor does the essay move beyond the candidate’s generalised opinions. The

Stock Exchanges

They warned the investors not to buy unlisted shares, as Stock Exchanges do not permit trading in unlisted shares. Another rule that they specify is not to buy inactive shares, ie, shares in which transactions take place rarely. Themain reason why shares are inactive is because there are no buyers forthem. They are mostly shares

Homelessness isan international social problem

Overview of homelessness regarding families and children Homelessness isan international social problem but the United States and other developed nations seem to agree on its definitions; researchers have categorized homelessness as either being literal or precarious. The literal definition seem to refer to the most commonly seen forms of homeless. Meaning, those who are without

building/make-shift structure

Meaning, those who are without a home, that live on the street, abandoned building/make-shift structure/in parks and people who live in shelters. The precarious definition involves those who are at an imminent risk of being homeless. They include: those who are temporarily doubled up with family or friends and those who are in substandard housing.