The process of selecting students for college admission is never an easy task. Since almost every student who applies qualify with outstanding grades and test scores, admission committees are faced with hard choices to make. This is especially because the slots available are always very few with respect to number of applicants.

Under such circumstances, admission officers are forced to use application essays as the tie breaker. Yes, the better your essay is the greater your chance for getting admitted. So, you better submit an application essay that will stand out. Now, let’s cut to the chase, here are 3 application essay tips that work:

  1. Tell Your Story

Everyone has a story to tell. Many students fail because of imagining that someone else has a better story. Instead of making their essay uniquely personalized, they try to make it about someone they don’t quite understand.

Your admission essay should tell a story that’s important to you. It should bring out those personal traits that make you stand out through a story from experience. Ideally, you should tell a story that has an impact in your life – a story that makes the admission panel want you in the college.

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After you figure out the story you want to tell, get down to it. But before ink meets paper, check out this next tip, you’ll love it. It’s the backbone of essay writing excellence:

  1. You Must Tell Your Story Right

As we pointed out earlier, everyone has a story to tell. However, no matter how amazing your story is, its success will highly depend on how you tell it. Does it have a flow? Is it clear and readable? Is it intriguing?

If a story is told well, it leaves a significant impact on the reader. As an applicant, you want your application essay to stand out. You want the admission officers to recognize it and be compelled that you deserve a slot in the college.

So, what does writing right mean?

Start early, don’t procrastinate: An application essay is approximately 650 words. That should not take a week to write. In fact, it should take less than a day. However, it’s never really about the time it takes. Starting early allows you to craft many draft, write different versions, and eliminate silly mistakes.

Make it simple, not complicated: Tell your story as if you’re telling it to a five year old. The use of simple language makes it easier to read and follow. Remember, the admission officer receives lots of application essays to read. The fact is he/she has no time to try and figure out what your essay is about – it better be clear and simple.

Format your essay well: when it comes to formatting, structure, and style, you might want to jump to the last tip – it’s very important. How your essay looks at a glance has a significant impact on the reader. Font, spacing, orientation, indentation, and structure: they all matter.

Formatting styles that define professional standards are the accepted guidelines for writing any academic works. If your essay adheres to a professional formatting style in an articulate manner, it stands a better chance for success.

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The next and final tip is a secret most students do not know. In fact, most students do not take keen heed of it which causes terrible failure.

  1. Follow instructions

Yes, it’s that simple: follow instructions. When you are given an assignment, along with it comes a set of instructions. Sometimes these will include the subject itself. In most cases, you’re allowed the freedom to choose the topic for your admission essay. However, instructions such as the formatting style to use and the number of words to include are mostly given.

Well, here is the thing. Professors and admission officers discuss keenly before deciding on these instructions. That means, the instructions are well thought out ideas and the professors would not ask if they were not important. If you’re not giving me what I asked for, why should I consider you? Following instructions is paramount.

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