a bone marrow transplant

Today I will be telling you about “Marvin’s Room” a play that was just performing in our WLC Theater this past weekend. The play was one of the best and interesting plays that I have ever seen but at the same time emotional and I will explain. “Marvin’s Room” was a story of a girl, who had cancer and needed a bone marrow transplant in order to survive. So her family came to visit her to see if they had a match and they didn’t. I learned a lot from this play and it made me look at life differently.

I feel that this play can really change a lot of people’s state of mind because when it comes to life and death situations that change your whole view. You never know what can come along and change a person’s life. I really enjoyed the play all together because I saw how unique some people are in the preforming arts department at Wisconsin Lutheran College. I also like the way they let the students be their self and let them use some words that we use in everyday life when we’re angry.

On top of that I could also tell that the students really enjoyed what they’re doing when they’re out on the stage in front of a big crowd and don’t get stage fright. I’m not much of a theater guy and not much into watching plays or musical plays either but I can say that this one really caught my eye. Last but not least, when you sit and watch a play this serious and a play that is so good and so well performed, it really get your mind thinking about life in this world when you have to depend on the Lord and your family.