a deficit

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Research Illinois State University for your final research paper about college finance. The final paper should be an analysis of the department budget, your observations, and insight into what you see based on all that you have learned throughout the course. For the purpose of this paper, you will want to gather public documents that are either available online( EADA disclosure, athletic department publications, etc.). Once you have reviewed the budget and noted your general observations, arrange for an interview with an athletics department staff member who works in the area of budgeting and finance. Ssome questions to consider are:

1. Does the athletic department balance its budget? Do they run a surplus? Do they run a deficit?

2. What makes up the revenue base? Are there categories that seem to be surprising? Are there trends taking place compared to previous years?

3. What are the board categories of expenses? Where have the cost risen? Are there areas where expense can be cut?

4. How much money is spent on debt services?

5. How much money is spent on facilities?

6. What other information can you get from the information and interviews that is worth sharing?