advancement of Science and Technology

Man’s progress is measured through the advancement of Science and Technology in different fields especially in business arena. Through the years, many business establishments were built and organized to boost their business operation. Almost all types of business may it be small, medium or large scale are trying to take advantage of this technology. This means less paper works for office employees and even fewer employees for some organization seems to depend on its ability to utilize computer technology at its fullest.

Presently, automation is one of the leading industry in the country today. Since technology changes rapidly and demands for machines are rising. There is a need for a basic understanding of computer technology , this understanding enables us to be comfortable in an increasing computer oriented environment by removing the fear with the unknown that many people have about the computer. One of the benefits of the system is it provides a prompt computation and accurate enough within a certain design space, especially for time-consuming manual process.

New users often fret over the potential for lost data due to system malfunctions with a well designed and tested backup scheme and disaster recovery system, a computer-based record is much more reliable and less prone to data loss than conventional paper-based records. Record access can be restricted and monitored automatically. Provided that data are structured and coded in an unambiguous fashion, programs can continuously check and filter the data for errors, summarize and interpret data, and issue alerts and/or reminders.

Once in electronic form a data can be linked to reference information stored and maintained locally or, via the internet. If the electronic record is integrated, then all data is immediately available to all practitioners regardless of their physical location as soon as the data is entered into the computer. The health care environment is currently undergoing a revolution. A rapidly growing cost of providing medical care are forcing hospital to merge at an increasing rate in order to consolidate the types of services offered.

The cost of the new technology is also requiring a hospital to reevaluate their mission to the communities they serve. Originally no specialized users were contented with common tasks such as paper, ball pen, typewriter and file cabinet to perform their jobs. These people could satisfactorily accomplish their tasks without computer technology, but these situations have change dramatically. With the new technology, hospitals provide faster more accurate and more convenient services to their patients. Background of the study

San Juan District Hospital is the only government hospital in this part of Batangas. It is a 25 bed capacity secondary government hospital that was established by virtue of Republic Act 3956. A Puericulture Center has been offered by concerned citizen of the town headed by Mrs. Marietta O. De Villa as the first hospital building. It is a two story building with a floor area of roughly 200 square meters which was . approved by the Department of Health. The National Aid Budget was first released under TW# 804-039288 dated June 11, 1975 and received on June 20, 1975 in the amount of P 105,645. 00.

With this financial source, organization of the hospital was immediately approved of about 13 hospital items/positions. The hospital was opened to the public on July 1, 1975 for consultation services only, headed by Dr. Marciano Marcellana as Chief of Hospital. The catchment areas of this hospital are San Juan Rural Health Unit I & II, Rosario and Taysan. In the year 1982, the Trivino family donated one hectare of farm lot for the construction of new hospital building at Barangay Talahiban 2nd, San Juan, Batangas. The hospital then transferred to the new site year 1988. In April, 1993 with the implementation of Republic Act No.

7180, otherwise known as Local Government Code of 1991, San Juan District Hospital was devolved to the Provincial Government of Batangas under the immediate supervision of the Provincial Health Officer. In 1999 as part of the government’s computerization program the San Juan District Hospital received computers from the local government. The hospital had a payroll system on 2001. MISSION: Development of health conscious and healthy families and communities thru partnership with the people by the provision of the four ACES: availability, accessibility, affordability, acceptability and omnipotently guided health care services.

VISION: A socialized medicine for the Batanguenos especially the underpriviledge. GENERAL OBJECTIVE: Further uplift the health of the people particularly Batangenyos through curative, promotive and preventive aspect of health care delivery. Conceptual Framework Feedback Fig 1. Conceptual Paradigm Examination of Conceptual Paradigm The system is “San Juan District Hospital Management System”. It is intended for the operations inside the hospital which caters Billing and Record Keeping of patients. The users include the administrator who has full access of the system. The cashier, one who receives the payment of the patients.

The Billing Clerk computes for the bill of patients, Chief of Billing verifies and updates records in case invalid data was inputted and also verifies the eligibility for discount of the patients. The encoder, one who adds record concerning billing. The nurse gathers the information from the patient including the patient’s picture then it is turned over to the record officer for storage and safekeeping. The encoder is the one to add patient records. The record officer verifies and update the records of the patient. The nurse in each station could only view the information regarding the patient.

In Patient’s Information the users gather the patient’s record such as the patients name, disposition, diagnosis and etc. On the other hand in Billing, the user entails the medical Transactions as well as the medical supplies consumed by the patient. All of the medical transactions as well as medical supplies consumed by the patient are submitted to the billing section. The adoptability of San Juan District Hospital Management System: Reliability-refers to the dependability and precautionary measures of the system. -The system provides accupate information on the billing of patients

– The system provides useful information regarding the patient’s record – The system provides accuracy and consistency in the patient record – The system provides an accurate computerized print out of records – The system minimizes the work load of the users Security-refers to the accessibility of the users to the system. – The system provides log in and log out forms for an improved security – The system provides the ability of the admin to access all the functions of the system – The system provides user level like the administrator, record officer, cashier, etc. – The system provides restrictions appropriate for the type of user

– The system provides system management the user account by using add, edit and delete functions. User Friendliness-refers to the simplicity and understandability of the system. – The system provides an easy to understand visual user interface – The system provides an interactive help system for easy usage – The system makes use of shortcut buttons for easy system navigation – The system makes use of proper colors and fonts suitable interface environment – The system provides a confirmation message for the confirmation of the action. Efficiency-refers to the competence of the system.

– The system Provides a search engine for fast retrieval of informatio – The system Makes use of the add, edit, delete functions for easy information updates. – The system Speeds up the work of the users – The system Simplifies the record keeping and record handling of the hospital. – The system Speeds up the patient and hospital transactions The data gathered from the devices is then processed by the system. The devices include printer which is use to produce hard copy of receipts as well as reports. Since it is an integrated system it needs a LAN Card for networking. WebCam to input pictures of the patients.

This leads to gathering of Timely reports for Billing. It also generates Patient’s Record by request. The system is insignificant if it has no benefit. The system Accelerates work in generating Bill Reports as we all know that waste of time effort in every business means a lost in their assets. It could easily keep track of information regarding the patients bills since it is presented timely and it also enhances the quality of work since the production of inaccurate reports would be lessened. It also lessens time and effort in looking for the patient’s record in a logbook and filling cabinet.

The users could easily manipulate the system because it is presented in a user friendly environment. Statement of the Problem 1. What are the profile of the respondents? a) Position b) Computer Literacy 2. How do the respondents perceived the current way of retrieving information? a) Filling Cabinet b) Index Card 3. How do the respondents perceive the current way of generating bill reports? a) Manually generated receipts 4. How do the respondents perceived the idea of having “San Juan District Hospital Management System” based on the ff: a) Reliability b) Security

c) User Friendliness d) Efficiency 5. How do the respondents perceive the applicability of San Juan District Hospital Management System? Scope and Limitation of the study The system consists of computerized billing and record keeping system. Only authorized persons is able to access these processes through the use of passwords. The nurse of each workstation has limitation in using a system due to the hierarchy of authority. Each of these has data storage, data entry and report generation. It is in LAN Based. Billing System consists of the invoices of the patient.

It generates timely reports as well as printing of receipts. This incorporates the laboratory charges and medical supplies used. Provided that the medicines are bought inside the hospital. It also computes for the discounts such as PhilHealh, insurance and etc. This does not include monitoring of the profit earned by the hospital. It does not include payments with the use of credit cards. Record Keeping System encloses only the In-patient and out-patient’s personal information that would be needed for the diagnosis such as the name, ailment, gender,picture and etc.

It also encompasses the laboratory results of the In-patient which is attached to nurse records through the availability of computer in the laboratory. Importance of the Study Giving latest innovation with the use of computer integration, the proponents have arrived in the best possible computer integration assets by the creative minds in achieving optimum success. The system provided a design model for the better, effective and efficient processing of the system. This system intends to help the San Juan District Hospital in the processing of the needed data and documents.

This system can perform tasks of an individual in an accelerated manner so it could increase job performance. It reduces manual process and so it could minimize human errors. This system is made easily for the user, so they can easily adopt. It minimizes the paper works of the person in charge in monitoring. It enhances the quality of work, since the production of inaccurate reports would be lessened if not eliminated. The processing can change the way the user operates. In addition, the system solves time and labor, the processing can lead to benefits such as improve services and control flow.

The system can improve the processing of the hospital. The data can be access easily and the reports could be made available anytime the clients need it. The importance of the system primary focuses to meet and satisfy the given objectives of the system. This system is undertaken by proponents in order to adopt in a more advance techniques that are currently use in some offices and institutions. The finding of the system should be able to be of great help to the billing section as well as to other departments to take a direction towards modern computerization.

Therefore, a lot of effort and time would be saved. It is a great advantage for San Juan District Hospital for the reason that the client could avail a good service and marks for the reason to help more organize and punctual to their tasks so they could do their responsible well. Definition of Terms Administrative Department- responsible for the operation of the entire institution. Anesthesiologist- a doctor who supervises the use of drugs for the relief of pain during surgery. Charge Nurse – A registered or licensed practical or vocational nurse assigned to be in charge of a nursing unit.

Custodial Care – Basic care provided on a 24 hour basis that meets an individual’s basic physical needs; simple assistance or total care may be needed. District or Community Hospital- serves larger population centers such as towns and large cities. Geriatric Hospital- hospital that accommodates the older population segment. Hospital – A health care facility that has a governing body, an organized medical and professional staff, and inpatient facilities and provides medical, nursing, and related services for injured patients. Inpatient – A person who has been admitted at least overnight to a hospital or other health facility.

Intensive Care Unit- unit where an intensive monitoring and nursing is provided for seriously-ill patients. Laboratory- hospital unit where tests are conducted to help doctors in the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses. Level of Security Password Access-the persons who can only access one computer. Maternity Units- hospital unit that help protect mothers and infants from infection. Medical Units- units for patients who are required treatment by drugs. Medication-treatment of an illness using drugs. Medicine card-patient medication with corresponding time. Medical Prescription-covers the doctors medical prescription to his patient.

Medical Records Department- keeps records on every patient. Networked-A state of being physically connecting 2 or more computers to create a communication and data exchange system. Nurse-somebody trained to look after sick and inured people,especially somebody who works in a hospital or clinic,administering the care and treatment that a doctor prescribes. Nurse note -a form a sheet which nurses ask to record their observation and report. Nursing staff- form the largest group on the patient care system. Outpatient – a patient who is receiving ambulatory care at a hospital or other facility without being admitted to the facility.

Patient Record System-covers the processing of the information pertaining to the patient. This system stores all the details about her patient. Radiologist- directs a hospital X-ray and other imaging services. Surgical Unit- hospital unit for patients necessitating surgery. Ward- a room where a patient stays while receiving treatment. Acronyms CVD- Cardiovascular Disease CBC- Complete Blood Count DR- Delivery Room FBS- Fasting Blood Sugar ICD- International Code of Diseases ID- Once Daily LAN-Local Area Network MGH- May Go Home OPD- Out-Patient Department OR- Operating Room

ORT- Oral Rehydration Therapy PC- Platelet Count QID- Four times a day RBC- Red Blood Cells RHU- Rural Health Unit RX- Prescription SE- Stool Exam UE- Urinalysis SWO-Social Welfare Office CHAPTER II Review of Related Literature and Study Local Study A study states that “It generates multiple reports for every department of Kolin Plant”. (Comia, 2005) The system concentrates and focused on the development of computer-based system. The system also includes generating of reports. In relation to this study, the researchers provide a computerized Monitoring System for J07 construction supply and services.

The system includes the monitoring of the incoming ; outgoing raw materials ; updating of raw materials. The system also features the capability to print out file information like the available and consumed stocks. It monitors the total number of product that are sold ; unsold ,; update sales ; record of accurately . It also serves as a feature of assigning of prices to a particular item ; automatically detecting the required products for recording . It also has features of monitoring the daily sale of market. In relation to this study, the researchers developed a computerized Monitoring System for J07 construction supply ; services.

The system includes the monitoring of the incoming and outgoing raw materials and updating of raw materials. A study (Edralin, 2003) states that small company as we can see majority of the business uses computers with also included the use of computerized system in order to achieve their goal and to lessen in the manual process in the business. As they believe using computer makes the business flow smooth and faster and we can’t regret for what they believe because as far as we know it has been proven for many times in many aspects of business. It provides the data needed for automation and computerization of its sales monitoring system.

It also supplies the company a better system that benefits each and everyone on the company as a whole. According to Lee (2004) In this hospital Admitting and Centralized Billing System aims to develop a system that would monitor the room availability, speed up the processing of readmittance and would decentralized the exchange of patient’s record. Included in the system is a work area that provides a faster and easier method of adding, viewing, modifying and deleting of reports. This study focuses in admitting and billing system of patient. It has own data entry and report generations. Reports include the following.

In-patient bills, in-patient information and last of patient. LAN setup is notr tackled in this study. According to Rogelio D. Rivera (2006) I usually design a system design requested when there is some dissatisfaction present in the system. In the system in this book Analysis of Data Management stated that “No system can be devised which is full proof against personnel which do not know or make property in developing a system, a process is set to meet the dissatisfaction of the present system, on the part of the beneficiaries such as the personnel and applicant, the new system should at least give them the

ease of maintaining a fast and better procedure on handling records. A study (Augusto ,2003) wrote in this national press academic entitled “Reduce medical error requires Computerized Patient Information System” stated that to significally reduce the tens of thousands of deaths and injuries caused by medical errors every year, health care organizations must adopt information technology system that are capable of collecting and sharing essential health information on patients and their care, says a new report by the institute of medicine of the national academics.

These systems should operate seamlessly. As part of the national network of health information that is accessible by all health care organization and that includes electronic records of patient’s care and secure platforms for the exchange of information among providers and patients and data standards that makes health information uniform and understandable to all. Foreign study

A study (Monlb, 2002) states that the reality of today’s medical world is that cost effective, efficient management of receivables is a major challenge. Successful relationship with their client have Medical Data Systems an industry leader in revenue management Services. Specializing in secondary collection of hospital allow end professional fee billing, medical net-System has the solutions to today and tomorrows challenges.

It has maintained an excellent reputation through out its 14 year history currently employing over 150 staff members at 6 locations throughout the Southeast and Southwest. We pride ourselves on or seminar-oriented, peer cooperative working relationship with a clients. The ultimate goal is to design a unique management services package to match the needs of our practice of facility. They work closely with you to assess your intimations, analyze and evaluate your specific requirements and faster solution to your need.

Through over 14-year history of medical billing they have observed that professional fee-components billing is time-consuming laborious process that detracts the hospital billing staff that detracts the hospital billing staff from their more comprehensive compliance issues required for the much lower value professional claims is often not a cost effective undertaking for a medical facilitating they have developed an intermediate information system, which is utilized as a holding database between the hospital and their billing

system, which screens information for discrepancies and incomplete data prior to exportation into their billing system. This yield information into their staff to concentrate on the aged receivables. The Resident Care System is a computerized medical record system designed to reduce the amount of hand written paper works required to maintain resident and nursing center records. (Moshida, 2004). It is a computerized medical record that prevents lost of productivity, improve clinical accuracy and charge captures.

Experts are taking its institution’s paperless and tell the benefits of the next level of efficiency that are being delivered to the HIPAA V. DRUG Info today. All stakeholders in healthcare organization and caregivers, consumers, purchasers, payers and policy making are focused in the orientation of medical errors and weighing the health care providers involve. Thousands of people did it every year as a result of Adverse Drug Event (ADE). The result is efficient, high-quality care. In relation to this study, the system reduced paper works and avoids loss of files or manipulation of medical information/records.

A study (Peters,2004) wrote the System Analysis and Design refers to the process of examining a situation and deciding whether improvements is deserved or feasible. The intent of the system investigation is to study a business process and evaluating it. Manage should be a result, not an “intent”. In developing a system, a process is set to meet are the dissatisfaction of the present systems on the part of the beneficiaries, such as the personnel and the applicant, the new system should at least give then the ease of maintaining a fast and better procedure on handling records.

According to William, (2002) A system is combined with a function or purpose and each person thinks in terms of the job he or she is trying to accomplish. It is necessary to explore alternative ways of some changes to be made. Manage should be a result, not an intent. ” It is impossible to set standard for handling applicant and employees records. The only matter to be considered is simply developing the best system which is set to meet the requirements of file handling and management. In this book the way of doing something to see if the method should continue as is modified slightly completely revised. A study Henry F.

Korths (2003) states that: “The system should produce meaningful results quickly. This usually means action reports an a basic on immediate responses to inquiries. It does not eliminate entirely the traditional historical aspect, but it does not mean, that such reports most supplement with current oriented reports” Local Literature According to the article “Asian Hospital uses new info system for faster, efficient transactions “(Veroy Robert,2006) states that the system, called Hospital 2000, is highly-specialized software that integrates the hospital’s various systems into a single platform and one database.

Hospital 2000 takes account on specially-designed programs that will facilitate the hospital’s internal transactions to better serve the inpatient and outpatient populations. “Running a modern hospital requires proper data facilitation and accurate system management to deliver efficient and real time transactions particularly between doctors and patients. That’s why with this new system, we are now at par, if not better, than any other hospital in the Asia-Pacific region,” said Pamela Robinson, Asian Hospital CEO and President.

The system, according to Asian Hospital Director for General Services Joel Garcia, has three major components covering administrative, clinical and imaging activities. Furthermore, the system takes care of the hospital’s financial records, purchasing, recording functions, and on-line ordering system for the nurse’s station. Hospital 2000 was specifically made for Bumrungrad Hospital, a Bangkok-based healthcare facility, in 1998. Asian Hospital recently sealed a partnership with Bumrungrad International in an effort to upgrade its existing facilities including the hospital’s information and communications technology system.

The need for efficient records management and information service in the administration of justice in the Philippines, may be addressed through IT. It is interwoven into almost every hand of the country’s social fabric and the judiciary is not exempted Chief Justice Andres Narvasce said that “the benefits of using an Information Technology in judicial system is readily apparent”. An article in Metropolitan times, Volume No. 27, states that the high court created the computerization committee tasked with the automation of the Supreme Court. The committee’s first task include the installation of a Case Administration System (CAS).

The CAS links the different offices with are primary concerned with the supreme counts judicial work through a Local Area Network. According to Sacobel (2004) the progress is significant because it is capable of decongesting the back loss of cases in the courts. The chief justice believes that if the case is available and the system prepared to use it, then it becomes simply a matter of you providing the necessary logistical support. The high tribunal is currently proposing revisions in the laws in production with the objective of simplifying procedure. Though there will be substantial changes.

They are intended to harmonize the rules in this area of the law and simplify the work of lawyer and judges. This would translate into faster more efficient case disposition and overall improvement of justice system. A popular author of Accounting Parsin (2005), states in his book that business organization are using computers to improve their efficiency and reduce their cost of operation. Reports are more timely and accelerate computer have manipulate and recall data to the form , all users wishes to use with the introduction of microcomputers computation of business is more affordable.

He also stated that computers are beneficial to the improvement of the company. Reduce time, effort and money. Computers play a major role in every company for their improvement and giving quality service to their respective customers. According to Chua (2003) it pervades every aspect of our lives. Ti has become ubiquitous and essential for developments. The information technology embarks the passage of our time. It is necessary to adapt to response our changing needs. It corresponds to the unfolding body of knowledge which is now being sensible anywhere.

Information Technology nowadays becomes a necessity, OLE to the beneficial aspect it brings in human life. It tends to keep daily routines efficient, accurate and timely to the needs depending to the needs of people. According to Simons (2006) as Information Technology continues to burst, it gives attention to different aspect of the needs of the user. “In this tech-driven age, scientific break through made practically everyday as a science and technology march forwards to the proverbial leads and bonds…”. The prolongation of this breakthrough gives convenience life to the users, which signifies the progress of computerization.

It comes in different aspects in offices, hospital, establishments, even at home. Thus, computerized information system is a phenomenon to handle, for it adapts to relevant needs to different people. Foreign Literature An article entitled China’s Computer-aided Hospital Management System( Chih-Ho Yu & Ning Huang Washington,2004) states that China – Computer Hospital Management System 11/30/94 BEIJING, CHINA, 1994 NOV 30 — A computer-aided hospital management system has been developed by Xinyuan Electronic Corporation, a subsidiary of the First Research Institute of the Electronic Industry Ministry of China.

The company claims that, with its user-friendly interface and flexible networking the system is suitable for almost for all kinds of hospitals. The developed system is being used by several civil and military hospitals in Beijing, China. Currently, a complete system consists of nine subsystems, including clinic management, medical record management, in-patient department management, statistic department management, price management, dispensary management, preparation manufacturing management, and general manager information system.

An application system for a specific hospital can be constructed by using some or all of these subsystems. The overall system software is developed in the C programming language on Novell networks. Its database files are claimed to be compatible with Xbase’s. All departments in the hospital can input their information at workstations and share information with other members on the network. The system offers menus and help information in Chinese. The system also uses advanced multimedia techniques.

For example, the system gives voice output for price information and touch-screen- operation at pharmacy departments. An article entitled “With a Sharp focus on Pharmacy Medicine Shoppe posts double –digit gains” (Earl Smith, 2001) states that medical shoppe posts double digit gains narrates that part of its success is due to the number of Pharmacy specific innovations implemented over the past year. According to Ronald Hofmeister, R. Ph executive vice president of pharmacy operations.

These innovations includes automation and work flow efficiencies, a program and an enhanced prescription compounding program. Looking at the retail pharmacy today and the challenges to making a profit, Hofmeister stated “Retail Pharmacy has a tremendous opportunity to properly position and fulfill our role as the provider of true, efficient, effective and accessible health care in any government prescription drug program for seniors, if we fail to do it correctly, retail will be challenged to remain profitable with only dispensing fees related to such programs.

With this, the study should put into consideration the role of the Pharmaceutics Company in rendering services to the people fulfilling its commitments to give quality services by providing the right prescription drug will also result into a true and efficient health care to its customers. According to Flamholtz (2003) still defined that records would prove continuing records for system. These records reflect the result of the “cycle play sick record”. The computerization of record means agreement is beyond reducing operating cost mean agreement is beyond reducing operating cost of bill.

It cannot make a decision for the user. It only shows what is happening. It is a management system that provides records usability throughout bound, receiving, order processing, storage and shipping. This system generates loading instruction and view release orders. Almost 500 companies information a series of standard software pack as compatible software packages from the company are designed to interface automated and manual materials storage system. Millar(2003) stated in his article entitled “New Technology will enhance patient care” the Calgary health region has entered into an agreement to

purchase an innovative new health information system to better manage patient information support the delivery of high-quality care and enhance patient safety in its hospital. He said that patient care information system would provide timely access to information critical for clinical decision making, help reduce the potential for clinical decision making, help reduce potential for medical errors and speed up the flow of information that can be critical to saving lives. Having access to a complete and consiste