Advantages and Disadvantages Working in Large Corporation

Nowadays, many students prefer to work in a large corporation compared to starting their own business. This is because if they want to create their own business, they required experience and a lot of bankroll to control their business. Although there are many students who prefer working in a large corporation, somehow there are still advantages and disadvantage working in such corporation. First of all, work in a large corporation will give us a great working experience. In fact, such experience is important for everyone no matter what job he or she is in today society.

Sometimes, large corporation may decide to send employees that are less capable to their headquarters to gain more experience and train them. Therefore, experience is important as same as skill. In contrast, the office polity may fix you in a category or department that is not your specialty and you can’t transfer it because the department that you want to transfer is enough employees. As you are inexperienced in that the department, it makes you incompetent and inefficient working in the organization.

An example could be someone who is working in finance is required to work in production engineering which will make them not able to use their skill from one job to another. Next, working in a large corporation will provides an employee and workers a stable salary notwithstanding the corporation is gain profit or loss at the end of month or year. That means employee can disburden about their income every month and make them feel that is the responsibility to finish their work on time. Besides that, the employee has a lot of opportunities to promote to high post if he or she works in a large corporation.

Nevertheless, because this advantages, there are a lot of competitor to fight for the job. The workers and employees always need to work hard in order to do well in their work and to make sure they do not lose their jobs. Such hard work and long hours will create too much of stress which is unhealthy to the body. Last but not least, working in a large corporation has reduced the risk compare to the people who start their own business. For example, the owner of the company needs to solve a lot of problem such as how to reduce the ompany’s expenses when the company losing money, whereas as an employee, they do not need to be worry about the company losses. On the other hand, if work in a large corporation, it may conflict with other department for the benefit of each other. This will affect the relationship between the employees and also the company working system. Overall, working in a large corporation has advantage and disadvantage to us but I am favor of working in a large corporation because the amount of training and development and security working such corporation.