Advertisement analysis

Advertisement analysis: Nissan LEAF – Polar Bear – A Lone Polar Bear’s Journey Nissan exhibited a 100% electric drive car, Nissan LEAF, to Japan and the US in 2010. It is the first zero emission car in the world that is mass produced. Nissan gave it a very good name “LEAF”. Deliveries to individual customers began in the United States and Japan in December 2010, and immediately the associated environmental- friendly campaign started.

It is hard to tell something new on a banal topic like environmental friendly, but Nissan presented it in a very beautiful way through a series of advertisements. This ad, narrated a story that a lone polar come thousands of miles just to hug and thank for the contribution to his life that the first Nissan Leaf user made. Media This ad was put in CBS after the sitcom TV series “The big bang theory”. As a comedy which is set on the background of “scientific genius” and has much academic vocabulary, its audience are mainly people who were educated.

Thus relevantly they have conscientiousness and responsibility of society and environment. “LEAF”, as it realized zero emission, will have a large impact on this category of audience and is easier to get sympathy and support from them which will achieve for marketing effectiveness. Target “LEAF” ‘s target consumer are people who have an income on or above average, or have a life style that is fashion, high-quality or green, or willing to help the environment. Psychological techniques

The main technique in the ad is to get sympathy. There are a series of touching scene in the ad, such as the lonely silhouette of polar bear in the boundless icy see, its sheltering from the rain in the underpass, its playing with a butterfly and greeting a palm civet, and its silhouette gazing at the bustling city night. Through a humanized story Nissan impressed audience successfully and unconsciously influenced consumer of the product’s environmental friendly idea, thus made the audience accepted and pproved the product. Assessment This advertisement captured the right media and target consumer, very importantly it impressed audience, and thus the ad is practically successful. As for the advertisement content itself, I think its success is based on three aspects. First, its narration and shots get strong sympathy from audience which makes them easily accepted the product’s environmentally friendly idea.

Secondly, this is an ad that is memorable; it’s not easy for consumers to forget it right after watching. Thirdly, this advertisement sets people thinking to maintain the interest. One issue I personally concerned as a shortage of this ad is, it emphasized on “story” rather than “products”. It didn’t mention any introduction of the product and the only sound in the ad is the background music and the polar bear’s yowl. In this way consumers may remember the story but forget about the car.