Advertising big effect on selling products

Advertising has a big effect on selling products or propagandizes. That’s why; companies and organizations start to increase their advertising expenses. A research made in 1985 indicates that in 1983, companies worldwide spent $19,837,800,000 on advertising. In 1984, $23,429,700,000 was spent and in 1991, about $52 billion was spent on advertising by companies. This shows us that companies understood that advertising is the best way of selling. All of these companies want to make their advertisements effective and memorable, but what makes an advertisement memorable?

An illustration, a headline and a copy can make an advertisement incredibly memorable. The first feature, which makes advertisements effective, is an illustration. An illustration has a great effect on advertisements. They can easily make them memorable. First, the size of the illustration is very important for effectiveness of the illustration. The size of the illustration should be between 1/4 and 2/3 of the page such as 66% of top-scoring advertisements. So you can put headline and copy on the blank side of the page. For example, inad, advertisers used 2/3 of the page as an illustration.

Secondly, the subject of the illustration is very important to capture customers. Most (36%) of the top scoring ads uses the technique of borrowed interest. For instance,  uses borrowed interest. In headline it says, ”, that’s why, advertisers used a woman, which look like a surprised. To conclude, an illustration may make an advertisement such as, very effective with its size and subject, but there are more can make an ad memorable. The second feature that makes an ad memorable is a headline.

A headline has a great effect on stopping power. It makes people stop and read the rest of the ad. So people may buy the product. First, the size of the headline is very important to make a headline memorable. It should not be very small or very big. The top scoring ads use commonly half inch or in rare cases less than half-inch headlines. For example, in ad, advertisers used a headline, which is 2. 5 inches. First row of the headline is written bigger than the second row, because advertisers wanted to make both rows in the same width.

Second, the length of the headline is as important as the size. If the length of the headline is too long, people may easily forget it or don’t want to read it because it is long. 36% of the top scoring ads uses a headline between 1 and 6 words. So it can be memorable. For instance, advertisers used 5 words in the headline of  It is a basic phrase, which people use in their normal life. So, it is easy to remember. In conclusion, a headline is a basic way to make people remember the ad, but still there is one more thing to talk about.

The last feature, which makes an advertisement effective and memorable, is a copy. Actually, copies haven’t a big effect on effectiveness, but after people stops because of the headline and the illustration, the copy becomes important. First property, which makes a copy effective, is its length. About 70% of top scoring ads have copy, which has words between 26 and 100. So people can read it easily and it will not bore them. For example, and has a copy made by 47 words. So it is easy to read and understand.

Secondly, the message of the copy is a big effect on ad. Every copy has its own message. Some copies give people information about the technical specifications of the product. Some explains how to use it and some tells how the product will make you happy. The major (33%) part of the top scoring ads’ copies includes information about the usefulness of the product. So the advertisers can easily fool the customers. For instance,  ad’ copy is about effects of the hamburger on the potential consumers.

To conclude, even though the copy is not very important at the beginning, it becomes very effective with its length and message. In other words, most of the top scoring ads such as  uses illustrations, which do not fill all of the page and includes the subject of borrowed interest; headlines, which are about half inch and less than 7 words and copies, the lengths are between 26 and 100 words and explains how do the products helps you, to improve their sales. However I am sure all these would change in the future such as entire page illustrations and copies less than 50 words.