Alternative Therapies for Nursing Practice

View History of the Healing Arts PowerPoint. In Complementary & Alternative Therapies for Nursing Practice, read a minimum of one of the following chapters (preferably all): Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 16 Chapter 24 In Alternative Medicine, read all: p. 204 pp. 271-273 pp. 256-260 Visit the Christian Research Institute website: Review the Yoga Archive page at Read the article titled “Shamanism” at “The Health Culture: Traditional Chinese Medicine in the 21st Century” at Identify one practice or concept of Eastern or Native American Therapies to share that is not congruent with the conventional medical model. Onsite students come to class prepared to discuss the following, and online students navigate to the threaded discussion and post one succinct paragraph about each of the following: A summary of the selected practice or concept from step 6, and how it could be incorporated into culturally congruent nursing care A comparison of the Christian perspective from Alternative Medicine regarding one of the following: yoga, shamans, sweat lodges, Vision Quest, acupressure, Feng Shui, T’ai Chi, hallucinogenics, or transcendental medication with the secular perspective of Complementary & Alternative Therapies for Nursing Practice. A discussion of how the nurse can discern CAT modalities that may be counter-Christian Are there any treatments done today in traditional heath care or alternative therapies that you see as strictly placebo where there is no true evidence to support their use? Is there a correlation of the historical roots of CAT with what is seen practiced today?

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