America immigration Reform

Those that legally enter America do so because we are a land of opportunity. They are able to apply their skills and talents to better themselves. In the meantime, they are part of the population that finds better ways of doing things (technological advances). Technological advances increase everyone’s standard of living. Those that come here illegally are hired by firms because of the cheapness of their labor this is the reason illegal immigration needs to be dealt with.

But, in the end, money talks so the political question on illegal immigration will not be decided in the near future. There is a lot of disagreement over this. Many people contend that illegal immigration overwhelms government programs costing the country more in services than their labor provides. Both President Barack Obama and Fox News resident Michael Barone have points and idea on immigration reform and what should be done about it. In presidents Obama speech given in El Paso Texas, Obama gives his ideas on immigration reform.

Obama gives four major points insides his speech his first point is that the government should enforce the law and secure the borders, second that businesses should be held accountable if they employ undocumented workers, thirdly for those who are here illegally to go through processing and “get in line for legalization”, lastly his DREAM act a way to reform our old regulations of illegal immigration giving immigrants the chance to get jobs and start businesses in America.

In Obama’s speech he states different immigrants that have made the country more prosperous and that have lead in tech development. Obama states that American companies such as Intel, Google, Yahoo and eBay these companies that have created jobs for several Americans were all founded by immigrants. Obama states a way to strengthen the middle class is to get rid of undocumented works, by doing this you are getting rid of the underground economy that exploits cheap labor while getting rid of regular jobs to the average American.

Michael Barone states that Obama rhetoric on immigration reform is hypocritical, he says that Obama is not really interested in passing a law and that he only gave the speech to get support from Latino voters. Barone claims El Paso was about election 2012 not serious immigration reform. According to Michael Barone’s article on Obama’s rhetoric, in the past Obama has not lift a finger to help in immigration reform. In 2007, 2009 and 2010 when bills were on the verge of eing passed for immigration laws Obama voted against the Latino community in each of these periods in time. Barone shows that Obama’s most attractive proposal to the people of El Paso, his DREAM act failed last December in a more democratic senate and won’t pass now. Michael Barone goes on to talk about a tool called E-verify which is an electronical system that is now available and can allow employers to verify the social security numbers of their employees.

Barone says that if Obama was serious about the enforcement of illegal immigration he would call for mandatory E-Verify among companies and businesses. As for Barone’s idea of Obama not being serious about immigration reform, it is impossible for Obama to take back what he said about his ideas of what should be done involving immigration. Even if Obama wasn’t serious about immigration reform, what he said at El Paso can benefit in the future the legal immigrants and illegal immigrants that seek legalization that spent their lives or that are living in America.

I agree with Barones idea of mandatory E-verify among businesses and companies since Illegal immigration can destroy our economy with its underground economy that denies jobs to anyone not willing to work underpaid. The idea of the DREAM act that cannot be passed now doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. Most proposals to congress aren’t passed right away; even throughout history it takes several years for a bill that gives more rights to others to actually be passed. Immigration reform is not a problem to America.

Illegal immigration and employing undocumented workers as a cheap labor source destroys our economy and is the issue involving immigration. Immigration reform can allow legal immigrants the ability to make America as a whole prosper and develop while opening jobs and a chance to reach new technological advances ahead of other countries. With immigration reform and the DREAM act which I believe is still a possibility in our future, legal immigration can allow America as whole to reach the American dream.