Animal Kingdom in Florida

English Reflective Essay Florida is portrayed as a fantasy land where Mickey Mouse greets you around every corner and where Cinderella actually lives, where days go by without a single drop of rain and the sky is consistently perfectly blue. However this was the farthest thing from my mind as I sat in an immense carbon-emmiting monster whose air conditioning has spluttered and died and while the heavens poured the air was so thick and mucky that flies were sticking to the windshield as we drove, only to be washed away by the drowning rain.

As this was happening, my dad who was yet to figure out his left from his right had the near-miracle task of finding our hotel. Which was almost impossible because visibility was limited to about a yard and that requires great concentration, which was hard to find after the fiasco at the airport…. Day 2 To my great excitement, “Animal Kingdom” was our first theme park, rather disappointing though what was hyped up to be a splendour of animal based excitement turned out to be a zoo with the odd thrill.

However my memory of the first day was largely marred by Dad; with his new and shiny American muscle car; forgot that when all four doors were shut the lock system was activated. All hell broke lose! With my mum muttering and rambling nonchalantly and quietly with the odd distinguishable, “God.. men” and my dad, the man of the household and the “decisive” being, who was spouting all sorts of obscenities and was spanking the car,lightly so no damage was done but gave the impression that somehow it was the cars fault, it was up to me (seeming the only level headed member of the family) to aqcuire the basic survival needs such as food and water.

With out park tickets being used for the day there was no way of buying fresh water. Giving up on the task of survival and surrending to the fate of the great over-powering Florida sunshine that was gobbling up every ounce of liquid, I went to a little ledge at the very far side of the car park and with ironic timing the edge of my eye caught sight of a little pool. And just like an oasis in the middle of the Sahara desert the temptation to drink from this minor miracle was extreme.

As I squatted and stared while heavily drooling with my mouth arid there was a conflict of conscience apparent in my head. The good side was reciting the well known fact that one of the locals had stated, “In every pool of water in Florida there is an alligator. ” The other “evil” side accompanied by my sailva and most major organs, was willing to tempt fate yet my good conscience claimed noble victory and I was left to dessicate. And looking back on it, it was probably a wise decision, however the journey back to the apartment was like a front row seat between Mohammed Ali and Mike Tyson.