aspects in society

Although culturally speaking we all find aspects in society to what we all find what is acceptable and what is not. The following are some of the examples that humanity relates expression to society. Art and music are a very difficult to separate since they are one in the same. Since the dawn of time artistic expressions and music have gone hand in hand. Jimi Hendrix’s “Purple Haze” poses as the perfect eclectic model of what it means to relate ideas and art form into sight and sound. ”Purple haze and I don’t know why excuse me while I kiss the sky! (The Jimi Hendrix Experience). So there is a part of history that does mirrors itself when I hear Chuck Berry as “Johnny B. Good”. Even today on the political trail one would hear rock music in the background as a theme in the campaign. Architecture in humanities places all sorts of symbols, icons, emblems, murals, fixtures, memorials, statues, etc. Representing association and image usually indicates faith and or affiliation to and with a group. . “The ancient Greeks concluded that geometry is inherent to the design of the universe.

The chambered nautilus shell is the most popular example of the Golden Ratio, with its spiral constructed based on phi, the universal mathematical proportion”(Exploring the Geometric Design of the Universe. )Share Guide, Jan/Feb2008 Issue 95, p16-17, 2p. This can be compared to the mascot of any given high school or college around the world. Philosophy related to humanities often takes part as a point of view or a doctrine. Politicians enjoy doing this when they embellish their own points of view especially when election time draws closer.

It takes a keen sense and ability to decipher distorted words and meanings to find out the truth and principles to what they truly represent. Touching on the realms of fact and truth can also be displayed by the public school systems. Although the complete truth is not often taught there some truths to what a basic understanding and knowledge are given. This too is a form of philosophy however vague it may seem. Literature is the perfect way that humanity is fused together. William Shakespeare to Deepak Chopra and the periods in between are crucial as well. Kurt Cobain I’m sure can find some type of common ground with Edgar Allan Poe.

Its not just the fact that literature has some kind of relation to the writers more than the embodiment, the meat, and purpose of the drive. It coveys emotion on many different levels. Humanities give the human race the upper hand in the world today as we often overlook the fact that our resources are unlimited and at our disposal. We are able to email, text, im, fax, each other in seconds flat and yet at the same time represent the companies that provide these services as a career. Technology is a venue that allows us to share culture, religion, philosophy, communication, on a personal and professional level.

Mass media is a big part of what and how people with disadvantages sometimes rely upon. The most important key in this entire infrastructure are the people that make it all happen. So as long as we take care of each other which is virtually not totally impossible to do, we can continue to make ourselves marketable. After all where would we be without one another? We can feel safe knowing that we depend on each other for relating ideas and thoughts. Its nothing that a power point presentation can ever teach or instruct. Because after all is said and done, we are the ones who put the human in humanity and the sanity in insanity.