Behaviour of children with stay at home

It is a personal and specific decision that has its perks as well as its pitfalls. Advancements in women’s rights in the workplace have encouraged women to acquire higher paying Jobs. However, recent research suggests that more women are choosing to stay at home. It is not because of a lack of education or opportunity; they simply dont want to have someone else raise their children. A study by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) in 1999 found that the more hours a child spent at a non- maternal care before age 5, the less positive the childs interactions with his/her other will be.

Two studies published in 2003 conducted by the NICHD found that children in day care had higher levels of stress and were more aggressive than those cared for at home by the mother. There are millions of children, however, who have working mothers and who grow up to be responsible, sucessful adults. Benefits for children raised by stay-at-home mothers. STABILITY: This is the main benefir for your children. Knowing that you are there gives your child stability. You are able to answer your child questions, dry tears, and offer support. In addition, you will never get those year back.

They experience fewer emotional and behavioural problems in childhood: want to help ensure your children turn out to be happy and socially well adjusted? Bond with them when they are infants. Thats the message from the university of Lowa, USA, which found that infants who have a close intimate relationship with their mothers are less likely to be troubled, aggressive or experience other emotional and behavioural problems when they reach school age. Bonding with your child has proven to help in a childs mental and emotional development.

Consistency: Your children can rely on you. They can trust the consistency on the way you run your household. Being consistent with mealitimes, Chores, baths, and bedtimes teaches children organization and discipline. They need this consistency to give them structure and routine in their lives. Quality time: All kids need quality time with their mothers. Quality time gives them the assurance of being loved all the time. Quality time also keeps your child out of trouble, which often stems from boredom. the memories they will have of you depend on this quality time