Brand equity as the value and strength

Parents strategies( W1+ T2)| a) SO strategy Eastern & Oriental has a good brand name and well- known product among Malaysians. Brand equity is the value and strength of the brand that decides its worth. E&O is a strong and familiar company with their brand like hotels where is give some favourable positive strong and distinctive brand association in the public’s memory. Eastern & Oriental Berhad should strengthen their promotion method by using advertisement through mass media. E&O can use Malaysian Tourism Sector to improve their brand equity.

Malaysian Tourism Sector is the one way to promote product and let people know their products. Populations in Malaysia increasing everydays, it gives E&O more opportunities with increasing the number of branches. Besides that, E&O can expand their business with make a good relationship between employee. Great relationship with employee can motivate workers to do great tasks and jobs. b) ST strategy As we know nature disaster is not under our controlled. We cannot control when nature disaster can occur. Eastern & Oriental can take this threat as a strength, where E&O may build many station or branches as alternative options.

So that, when disaster nature happens, only station for that location are damaged but then, there are anothers branches. E&O have to build a good relationship between customers. So that, indirectly, customers will help E&O promote their products to relatives, friends and others. Top management of E&O should emphasize about relationships between customers and employees. Success of a company not only depends on the operating solely but also the efficiency of employees in the company. For E &O Berhad, their employees are most valuable asset toward the success of business.

Beside the incentives that already be given to the employee such as rewards, E & O incentives for workers who perform on their performances accordance to standards such as reward or bonuses is one of the strategic method to motivate workers give full commitment in completing their jobs. Natural of human being, people tends to do their best if they will be rewarded. By using this method of management, an organization could get benefit in their production and thus increase the profit. c) WO Strategy Placing a good strategic can affect the frequency number of customers’ consumption towards company’s products.

This is one of the factors which the company should have to be concern regarding sensitivity of customers that is risk assessment. E & O can analyze and do research of the environmental scanning in terms of the location which has uncertainty risk that it will be threat towards company’s activity performance such as earthquakes, rainfall region, high land and any other places that have high possibility in risk. As we know, nowadays people tends to use technologies most of the time. Purchasing groceries, monitor children and others transactions with the technology.

So that, E & O must take this threats of technologies as a opportunities where it can ease E & O more. d) WT Strategy In order to avoid competition in hospitality industry, E & O could use a parent procedure or guidelines to overcome those threats. Parents procedure usually was a successful strategy that already approved by the performance of parents company. Thus by using parents procedure, E & O just not able to overcome the threats but also able to increasing company performance toward company objective. Ratio Analysis. Ratio| Formula| Answer| Current Ratio| Current AssetsCurrent Liabilities|

E&O Berhad’s rich history and heritage, infused by its namesake, the E&O Hotel in Penang form the cornerstone for the Group’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. This is E&O’s guiding principle as they conduct their business in a manner that will enable them to contribute towards the preservation of the heritage, culture and arts within the communities they operate in. This is specially meaningful since George Town’s inscription as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008 as well as the recognition of the 127- years old E&O Hotel as a Penang heritage landmark.

Demonstrate they commitment to and belief in CSR by conducting their business in an economically, socially and environmentally responsible manner while simultaneously balancing the interests of their diverse stakeholders. Preserving culture, heritage and arts During the financial year, a significant portion of the E&O Group’s limited available resources were allocated towards heritage and cultural activities supporting George Town as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, consistent with the Group’s strong presence in Penang.

This included supporting the month- long George Town Festival (GTF) which is organized by the Penang State Government, Municipal Council of Penang Island, George Town World Heritage Incorporated and Penang Global Tourism to commemorate the city’s inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage listing. The Group’s collaboration with The Actors Studio (TAS), Malaysia’s foremost performing arts group, to set up the Performing Arts Centre of Penang (penangpac) is seen as a positive step in providing penangites and the northern region with greater access to the arts.

Other ongoing CSR initiatives include contributions to underprivileged communities, charities and non- governmental organisations as well as facilitating the Community Recycling Centre in their Seri Tanjung Pinang masterplanned seafront development as part of the “Green Our World” initiative where proceeds from the sale of recyclable items were donated to charity. The Group also contributed to the Chinese New Year Cultural and Heritage celebrations that were held Penang- state wide with the participation of local associations and schools in the core heritage zone. Transparency in the market place.

In maintaining transparency and accountability to their stakeholders, the Group continually provides clear, transparent and timely information to the marketplace through regular press releases, roadshows, briefings, meetings and interviews with members of the media, investment community and analyst. Shareholders and invited participants like the Minority Stakeholder Watchdog Group (MSWG) are briefed directly on the company’s performance and plans at annual and extraordinary general meetings. Accessible in the public domain and regularly updated is the Group’s corporate information at www. easterandoriental.