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We always heard that learning the English is a lifelong Journey, it seems that English become our life, most of Hong Kong student have a better result on English rather than Chinese. It bring out a concern about is it a right decision that we to regard English as important. A focus will be placed on the importance on English, the demand of using English and the advice on the language policy.

The parents, teachers and the politicians believe that English is important as the English status in the world is higher than other language. For the parents, they hope heir son or daughter can study as the English-medium secondary school rather than the Chinese-medium school, they believes mainly study can increase the opportunity of enroll to the university and let their children go oversea for further study.

For the teachers, many teaching material are come from foreign country, so they believe that use the English for teaching purpose can have a better education quality. For the politicians, be the part of global, the politician needs to communicate and cooperate with other country to formulate the international policy, so they choose the English e the common language for communication. English become important language is mainly have two reasons. English has appeared as the world’s unofficial international language.

According to the data of Ethnologic, English is listed as the official or co- official language of over 45 countries (including Hong Kong) and is spoken extensively in other countries where it has no official status. The second reason is English is the language of science, aviation, business, diplomacy, and tourism. Many business deals in Hong Kong are conducted in English. 60% of all scientific papers nd Journals are written in English. Over 70% of all mail is written and addressed in English.

Most international tourism, aviation and diplomacy is mainly conducted in English. I remember there have an example in the lecture Chinese plot have poor English and cannot communicate with the USA plot. Since United Kingdom and America have got a well development on the academic, also the United States is regarded as the most influential country on the military and in different international and their official language is English, so it makes English become important.

Undoubtedly, the status of English are always in a high level, for my experience, when I get further study in the university, English become the most frequently language I use, all the lesson I take was teaching in English, all the information I found or the journal are also written in English, it seem that my academic are cannot live without English. Learning English are also can increase our competiveness in global. Therefore, I agree that the believe of parent, teachers and the politicians. the important of english in hong kong By vangie_shek