Business Enviroment advertisements for mobility scooters

Pl- Describe the type of business. M. Whitfield Pharmacists LTD M. Whitfield pharmacists are a large company around the north east of England. They are situated at seven different branches, Gilesgate, Thornley, Coxhoe, Blackhall, Wheatley Hill, Horden and Victoria Rd. The pharmacists and there staff are members of your local healthcare team. They aim to provide you with the highest quality of healthcare. To do this they need to keep records about you, your health and the care we have provided or plan to provide to you.

We know that you value your privacy and he security of personal information held about you. You can download our information leaflet here which explains how we safeguard information about you. M. Whitfield LTD offer a wide range of drugs that can be offered either over the counter or prescribed by a consultant at your local medical surgery or hospital, this is depending on the strength and reason of the drug. Also inside the chemist it has advertisements for mobility scooters and other helpful things that can aid elderly or sick people around the local area.

Inside all of the branches there is a consultant oom where one of the fully qualified Pharmacists will have a one to one about what drug is best for you. The purpose of this company is that it delivers high quality medical drugs and health care which is proscribed by a doctor or a medical consultant. Medical care is given either paid or free depending on financial status or education. M. Whitfield is a sole trader this means that the company is not very large however it has a large amount of branches around the northeast of England.

To make this company bigger the owner will need to bring in some investors which could expand the company and ove more branches around the nation. The owner will have to work a lot of hours and he will find it hard to take holidays as he has a lot more responsibility then if he was in a partnership. P3 – Describe how two business are organised M. Whitfield LTD is organised as a small company, most of the branches are occupied with four to five assistance to control the branch whilst two to three pharmacists working on the behind the counter packing the drugs.

All of the staff in the chemist will have different set shifts usually Monday to Friday. M. Whitfield is a private company not run by the government and will not be on the stock pile. The owner will have to maintain regular check-ups to make sure everything is running smoothly in all branches and the staff are doing their Job correctly. However the NHS is a much larger company and is run by the government. There is no actual owner of the NHS it is set out in departments which have directors in each department. Compared to M. Whitfields the NHS employs a lot more employees in for all citizens, based on need, not the ability to pay.

The NHS is made up of a wide range of health professionals, support workers and organisations. The NHS is funded by the taxpayer and is therefore accountable to Parliament. It is managed by Department of Health – which is directly responsible to the Secretary of State for Health. The Department sets overall health policy in England, is the headquarters for the NHS and is responsible for putting policy into practice. It also sets targets for the NHS and monitors performance through its four directors of health and social care. Around one million people work for the NHS in

England and it costs more than E50 billion a year to run. This will rise to E69 billion by 2005. Regional assemblies control health services in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The NHS aims to bring about the highest level of physical and mental health for all citizens, within the resources available, by: promoting health and preventing ill-health diagnosing and treating injury and disease caring for those with a long-term illness and disability P4- explain how their different style of organisation helps them to fulfil there purpose The NHS is a fast paced