business ventures

Ever since I can remember people have been asking me this question. A question that is so simple to ask, yet so hard to answer. A question that you may have an answer to at one point, but lose it the next. A question that when really thought about, can spell your future. That question is “what do you want to be? ” This question has always given me a hard time, because honestly I never really wanted to give an answer to it. Maybe it’s because I never wanted to limit myself to an answer or maybe I was just never sure of anything and I’m afraid to give a straightforward answer.

This is my attempt on trying to word out my “vision” of who and what I want to be. Owning a very profitable and stable business has been a dream of mine for a very long time. I had always envisioned myself as someone who owns a business, yet I don’t know what business I want to venture in as of the moment. I want my own business because I want to leave something for my family and leave a legacy behind before I pass away. I also want to own a business because I’m not the type to be a slave to another business owner my whole life. I want to experience leading the way and making a business that will be of great success.

A family is also very important in my future. I cannot see myself grow old without a family, especially since I come from a big family. I guess I want to have at least 3 children because what good is it to have money when you don’t even have anyone to share it with or enjoy it with. I’ve been taught my whole life to put my family first above anything else. I of course do not intend to have a family that I cannot provide for financially. I also want a family because I want to be surrounded with people I love especially when I grow old and I have no one else but my children to take care of me.

Another thing that I see in my future is that I see myself travelling the world. I don’t want to limit myself to my home country because I see other places as an opportunity to create great memories that I will forever cherish. I envision myself travelling because up to now I haven’t been out of the country, so it has always been in my bucket list to leave the country and explore other countries, try their food, and experience another culture apart from mine. I see myself going to the States, Europe, and other Asian countries.

I believe that a life in a world so big when not explored is a life not spent well. I see myself in the future as someone who stays healthy. One of my greatest wants in life is to stay healthy. I’ve always pushed myself to go to the gym and stay fit as much as possible. In the future I see myself continuing this habit of staying in shape and not gaining too much weight, because it is one of my greatest fear is to have a beer belly. I see myself as a man who keeps his priorities in tact while still maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Wherein I stay fit and have a balanced diet.

Love is another issue that is always so hard to predict. Whenever I think of who will my future wife be. I always see a girl who is loyal, a girl that will accept my mistakes, a girl that no matter how hard times get will always be there by my side. I see my future wife as someone that can be there for the good times and even at the worse times of my life. I will get married once I reach 30, and once I become financially secure. Lastly my most important yet the most simple vision that I have for myself is that I’m going to be happy.

I’ll be happy even if none of my visions come true. I’ll be happy even if I experience many problems. I’ll be happy even when people around me are not. It is not the fact that I am optimistic, yet it is only because I can only imagine a future for myself that I am happy. I simply cannot concoct a vision of myself being miserable. If there is one vision that I have it is sure that I know I’ll be happy in the future, cause whatever I get, I will accept, and whatever life throws my way, I’ll take it, and whatever problems I may have, I will smile while I’m fixing it.