Capitalism in US

For example, US. In the US, the shares of earnings and wealth of the households in the top 1 percent of the corresponding distributions are 15 percent and 30 percent, respectively. As a result of implementing Capitalism, there is a big range of wealth between the rich and poor people. The rich will become richer, the poor will become poorer. As such a negative situation occurs, the crime rate in such country will be higher. When a country is implementing capitalism, the government have no right to intervene in the free market.

When such a situation happened, who are going to help those who are poor? The free market will be monopolized by those rich people. For the poor, they have no modal, no resources, no power, and no ability to compete in such an unfair market. How are they going to compete? Even if they owned the ability, the qualification, but they have no the fundamental term to fight with rich people that is money. In a free market, when you are rich, you will only become richer as u have a lots of money and resources to invest into.

For the poor, they are not the one who demands how much salary from employer, but they are the one who are looking for how much the employer willing to pay them. As a result, they are forced to accept low wages in order to survive. The paid they get, not worth the effort they pay out. Normally, the wages they get, only enough to support their basic cost of living. As a result, They have no extra modal to help them to grow and to expand their ability. The low wages also influence buying power. As a result, poverty rate will be higher.

Some critique argues that the allocation of resources in capitalism is inefficient. For example, in 1995, around 200 million of Indians faced the problem of hunger. In the same year, India economy had exported around $ 625 million of wheat and $ 1. 3 million of rice. In this case, Indian economy is able to export food worth around $ 650 million, but its citizen faced the problem of hunger. Why not the economy allocates those foods to its citizen? It’s because of in capitalism, the property and resources is totally owned by private parties. They have the right to use the resources to maximize their profit.

It’s their right and freedom to overlook the problem around them that may stop them to achieve higher profit. There is also an unfair working condition in workplace. Those labors have to work for 14 hours per day. Why are these labors forced to accept such unfair working condition? Without this job opportunity, they are unable to live their life. The owner of resources in capitalism does not work, and exploit its worker. In such situation, it’s exploiting human right. We are all human, have the equal right to live in this world and share the resources together.