Cash Flow

Here is the hospital website to use for your 6 questions




  • Please include at least two outside sources using APA 6th edition style and format.


  • Please make sure there is no Plagiarism in this paper


  • The paper is 5 pages


Below are the topics you should cover in your paper:


  1. Give the history of the organization include the vision, mission and value statements, if possible.
  2. What type of services or products do they provide?
  3. Do a SWOTT analysis on this organization.
  4. Perform a basic financial health analysis on this organization, include, if possible: (you should be able to make a couple of general statements about the financial health of the organization)
    • Revenues
    • Expenses
    • Current Ratio = Current Assets/Current Liabilities
    • Debt Ratio = Total Debt/Total Assets
    • Total Margin = Net Income/Total Revenues
    • Cash Flow

Question 4 is already been answered in this below green writing, you do not have to answer question 4.  Just use the numbers for your Question 6.



2011 2012 2013
Revenues $2,666,898 $2,608,881 $2,074,667
Expenses $2,786,691 $2,645,018 $1,685,011
Current Ratio 13.94 10.39 15.59
Debt Ratio
Total Margin -0.04 -0.01 0.18
  • The current ratio tells the immediate liquidation of the hospitals current assets. The hospital could sell their assets at less than book value and pay off all their creditors.
  • The total margin for 2013 was 18%, but in the negative in 2011 and 2012. The hospital could have changed their charges or cut costs somewhere for there to be such a change in a year.
  • The hospital made 15.59 cents on each dollar of revenue in 2013. The hospital has a lot of assets but not much revenue or cash flow. The hospital was not covering their functional expenses in 2011 or 2012. The hospital only covered their functional expenses in 2013.



  1. Based on your analysis, would this be an organization that you would use or want to work for? Why?
  2. Give your recommendations to the BOD whether they should invest in this organization. 3 recommendations. Be specific