Cat’s Cradle

As “Papa” Monzano dies, he tells Jonah that Bokonon “teaches people lies and lies and lies,” and then asks Jonah to “kill him and teach the people the truth. ” Papa says the truth is science. Shows ridiculousness of jumping from one form of comfort, religion, to another, science, without careful consideration. – Irresponsibility of the scientists: Felix Hoenikker says “Why should I bother with made-up games when there are so many real ones going on? ” He never understands that the games he is playing will have a disastrous effect on the human race. After Felix Hoenikker wins noble peace prize, he says he is “still playing” -> treats science like a game, doesn’t take it srsly. Religion – Jonah says to Mona “could I have your religion, if I wanted it? ” -> religion is so easy to take up – Newt compares religion to the cat’s cradle. See the cat? See the cradle? ” Bokononism is a religion of “shameless lies.

Monzano attempts to create a utopia, but just like in today’s society, he makes promises to his people, and then fails to fulfill them. But he allows the best for himself and his staff, while his people struggle. – Frank Hoenikker gave his ice-nine to “Papa” Monzano in return for a position in government -;gt; corrupt, irresponsible, only use 4 personal gain w/out thinking of consequences – Horlick Minton’s speech attacked patriotism as an irrational denial of the senselessness of wartime slaughter.

Irony -> The Hundred Martyrs were sent to their pointless deaths in the name of “democracy” by a dictatorship. Love – Jonah says Mona can “make me far happier than any woman had so far succeeded in doing. ” Yet, we find later that Jonah does not really love her once he knows he can have her and that she will not give up her ways for him. – Angela uses her ice-nine to get herself a beautiful husband who treats her poorly and gives the ice-nine to the American government.