centralization of Management

Recommendation Since, the problem at Sundale Club has begun when Ellis hired her close friend Chuck Johnson. Ellis action was bias when Havens reported about Johnson misbehavior, then after Haven was fired. Afterward the whole organization was in turmoil. Therefore the director of Sundale Clube should do something unless the organization will fall. There is several ways which would recover Sundale Club. 1). Restructure of staff directory. Look closely to Sundale Club staff directory, it is look very centralization which help Ellis, who has authority in important decision making on her department.

Moreover Watts has lost his fire to run the Sundale Club. Nevertheless as the director Watts should done something to prevent the organization before he retire. Watts should changes the staff directory to, Board of director President VP Athletic VP Marketing VP Finance Manager Marketing Manager Finance Asst. Athletic Since Sundale Club is the largest athletic/social in the city. Centralization structure is not suitable for such large organization. Therefore Watts should change to decentralization; from this structure he can balance the power or authority among the top managers.

Even though decentralization structure takes longer time on decision making, but it ensures that the organization will not go to the wrong path or fall into big problem as it was. 2). Hire new mangers or management’s team. As Sundale Club has changed its structure, next step, Sundale Club should recruit new management’s team. Watts might promote Carol and Ellis to the board director and he himself could take the president position as well. As social activities is the main income for the organization.

Therefore social department Sundale can place it under marketing department. Sundale have to hire financial and marketing management teams. At athletic department, Sundale may put Pat in the VP athletic, since she has worked here for nine years, and Mercer may take the Haven position. Sundale should fire Johnson; because since he gets in the organization he makes his colleagues feel uncomfortable and most important is a lot of customers withdraw from being Sundale membership. 3).

Rebuild the organization culture and gaining customers trust back. Sound difficult if Sundale have to rebuild its culture, but since Sundale has hire new management team, it’s become easier because new employees or managers do not know the Sundale culture yet. There for it is a good time to rebuild its culture. Moreover Sundale has to gain back its customers trust. Since there was a rumor about Johnson’s homosexual behavior in the organization and it will flow to the city too.