rules at school,

Joe Davis was not the greatest child growing up, but what ever he did he stuck with it no matter what the consequences. He thought everything he did made him cool. Joe was very committed, committed to smoking, committed to his drugs and even committed to breaking the rules at school, which he had to finally drop out of. Even though his actions were not the best he still showed his commitment to those actions. Joe’s commitment to his wrong doings led him into a downward spiral of loneliness and pain.

His actions finally led him to the hospital and a bullet in his back that left him paralyzed. Joe spent the next several months in a hospital trying to rehabilitate but that was not on his mind. Joe was still committed to getting high on drugs. He used his manipulation of others to get drugs and whatever he needed to stay high until he was released from the program. Once he got back to his house he needed someone to take care of him. Joe knew if he wanted drugs he must commit himself to his woman friend and that is what he did.

Joe’s drug habit was strong but he could not do what he use to do so he committed himself to selling drugs. Because of his commitment, business was booming and money was easy. Joe’s unhealthiness led him to getting bedsores that got so bad it landed him back in the hospital. Once again he manipulated people to help him stay high, which then only got him kicked out of the hospital. He returned home to find out his house was raided and the drugs, money and guns were gone. Joe’s commitment led him to the lowest that he has ever been.

Now that Joe has no drugs or money he felt like he had nothing. All he is now is a junkie in a wheelchair that can not do anything. His commitment now got him kicked out of the house and into his parent’s house. Still committed to his business he began selling drugs again. That did not get him far because he still felt like no one. One day Joe filled a prescription of 300 pills and took all of them. He committed himself to commit suicide but he did fail at his attempt. Finally after he recuperated he realized the he needed a change.

Lucky for him he was a very committed person so now all he had to do was commit to that life change. Joe was able to get a job and finally get back into school to get a education and his commitment got him there. Joe Davis was a changed man with a education, a great job, and a wonderful lady friend and all this was due to his great quality of being committed. Everywhere you look things are changing, society is changing, and peoples lives are changing. I am not saying that is a bad thing but in order to keep up you have to be ready to commit to those changes.

Being able to commit yourself will carry you a long way through life. This story shows that if you want to change and you stay committed to what tasks are at hand then you can be someone. At some point in life something will happen and you will have to commit to yourself, and commit to a better future for you and your family. Commit to something, because if you do not then your life will continue to go around in non-stop circles. Joe Davis proved that being committed can get you where you want to be.