change of business structure

A report on investigation into Business Case Date: May 02, 2013 Acquainted with your Business situation. I see a few problems within your business. One of the problems is changes in economic environment, which lead to conflict between stakeholders. The other problem is change of business structure. A success factor for any business is to analyse and understand the external environment in which it operates. Understanding of different types of stakeholders within business is essential too. To analyse business situation various method can be used.

To analyse your current business situation I have used SWAT analyse which will give you opportunity better understand external environment and how it can impact your business. And will help you better understand conflict between stakeholders. The most basic SWOT analyse will examine how threats and opportunities can be dealt with while allowing the organisation to utilise its strengths and weaknesses to meet its key success factors [objectives]. A basic SWOT analysis should include an assessment of where the company is at current time and where it wishes to be at some point in the future .

The organisation also needs to decide how far away that future is-it will vary from a few month to many years depending on the organisation, the nature of the business and its current situation (B 120, Book 1). SWOT analysis for the The Lodge Bistro Chain Strengths New IT system Initiative management stuff Possibility to adjust to changes Name and business recognition| Weaknesses Informal structure High stuff turnover Inconsistency in standards | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Opportunities New consumers base Reinstate some formal structure and rules| Threats Complete loss of concept

Lose of standards Competition External economic environment| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | As you can see from analyse above that the strengths will be recognition of your business and possibility of the business to adjust to new economic environment as you have initiative management team as it is described in Business Case: As an example of these issues, the young manager of one of the cafes in a central urban location began to offer a range of less expensive snacks to cater for diners on low incomes and reduced packaging to respond to the environmentally friendly principles of many customers.

Another, in an area close to an office complex, offered a range of healthy eating options. It clearly shows that you have opportunities to attract new consumer’s base. Reinstate some formal structure and rules will give you better opportunity to control business Weaknesses arise from high stuff turnover, as you spend time, recourses for educating stuff. I think it would be beneficial to investigate why they leaving and looking for benefits packages you can purpose to your stuff And main threats arise from losing standards, huge competition and economic environment.

For future I would purpose you to use methods like SWAT, STEEP and analyse of stakeholders before making any changes. Would be beneficial to make SWAT analyse on the way business was in 80’s and use it as comparison to current situation. It will give you opportunity to reinforce some formal structure more successfully. References The Open University (2006) B120 An Induction to business studies, Book 1, What is a business? ’, Milton Keynes, The Open University, page 95.