character that do an influence on the child

There are references of bad parenting around the world every single day. Everybody is always so quick to point the finger on someone else’s choices and behaviors, that they don’t even notice to look back and reflect on themselves. Even though I am not a parent I am sure every day it comes with its struggles and obstacles. Like I said before, because I am not yet a parent and don’t plan on being one anytime soon I always have the up most respect for them. Of course from time to time there are going to be instances that you regret like any human naturally does.

But that label what kind of person that you are, and especially labeled as a “bad parent” I personally don’t understand how we can judge people for what kind of parent that may be when society is so hypocritical. Often we choose what’s right and wrong but do we really know the difference? How can one parent psychically abuse their child and another parent give them so much attention that there “suffocated” but both examples being labeled as a “bad parent”.

But in some circumstances when children are getting bad parenting all it takes is for the child to completely forgive the parent and that’s a great achievement in itself to make. All it takes one little piece of his or her inner character that holds such an influence on the child that it will always make her unquestionably love them. In the book, The Glass Castle, Jeannette Walls is that child, reminiscing her favorite childhood memories spent with her family. Jeannette and Rex Walls shared some of the best moments of her life, regardless of Rex’s clear irresponsibility and destruction brought onto her now aspects of her life.

Despite the many instances in which her father failed to protect his children, refused to take responsibility for them, and even stole from them they always stayed by his side even up to his last days. Jeannette still loved him until his dying day for a couple reasons of course. First off that’s her father, Secondly he made her feel special and lastly for his never ending inspiration that he had for himself and his family that she admired. When were leaded through the Christmas scene in which her father gave his children stars for presents, Jeannette often recalls Rex as an intelligent and loving father and teacher.

With her describing the memory with so much gratitude in her tone. Jeannette begins by saying, “we had no money at all,” The fact that the way she described this moment it was as if that her family’s differences and financial struggles were gone at this moment (39). This shows his moment of being a real “Dad”. Jeannette’s overall admiration for her father was shown when she described that the stars were “one of the special treats for people” like Jeannette (39). Her father also often compared their family with the “rich city folks” and leads her to think, “We’d have to be out of our minds to want to travel places with any of them” (39).

With the straight-forwardness of this story. Jeannette describes her father with very simple attributes. As her now use of basic language reveals her experience of any bad upbringing and shows only achievement’s of her experience. Her father’s ability to make her feel unique is one of the main reasons why she holds onto him when others give up on him, as that ability gave her one of the most significant moments of her life. The sentence “And he gave me Venus” conveys a lot of meaning (40). This emphasizes her excitement in the action of her father giving the special present.

Perhaps the fact that she was able to receive a planet when her other siblings received stars as presents made her feel so positive about herself. It becomes obvious that Jeannette’s admiration accumulates at this moment as she continues to describe the experience in good terms. The final quote at the end of the passage, as her father says “Years from now…you’ll still have your stars” is another strong example of her father emphasizing her uniqueness. As he clearly sets the Walls children apart from the others that they could of never received. Jeannette also learns a valuable lesson from her father at the zoo.

It becomes a characteristic for Rex to praise his children for their uniqueness. It is her trust in him that allows her to fully believe in him. A certain calmness and fascination comes over Rex at this time. Finally, during her last visit to see her father as he confirms that he is dying, Jeanette admits how inspirational he is to her. She admits her reflects her father’s continuous effect on her, even as he is about to die. She sums up her relationship in two clear, complex sentences, saying, “But despite all the hell-raising and destruction and chaos he had created in our lives, I could not imagine what my life would belike—what the world would be like—without him in it. As awful as he could be, I always knew he loved me in a way no one else had” (279). The uniqueness that he makes her feel feeds for her affection for him. Ironically, just as he had a special love for her, that was on was only for her, she was the only person in his life who held onto his love and respected him regardless of his other issues. Throughout Jeannette Wall’s life, the challenges and setbacks she faced we tremendously hard to to imagine and probably to even experience.

The way that Jeanette portrays herself now you would never imagine all that she went through. As the question was stated if I thought that Rew Walls was a bad parent? I say No. Yes. Of course he had a fair amount of decisions that he made for himself and his family that he shouldn’t of but that made him into the person that his family loved and adored him for. We have to constantly remember that were human and were going to make mistakes and I am sure I Rex Walls was here today he would say the same thing.