Child Protective Services

Well I can tell you with extreme confidence that my Father did for me what ninety-nine percent of other Dads are unable to do (or at least not been In the same situation to do so). It all occurred while was attending middle school during the middle of class. I got called out of class to go down to the office for reasons I had no idea about at the time. walked into this conference room, where two ladies from Child Protective Services were sitting, ready to ask me questions and asses the living conditions of my Father’s household.

Being the age I was at the time, I ad absolutely not the slightest clue is to what that situation was all about. The next thing I know, my family and I had to attend counseling. I Just thought my parents were trying to get back together, and they wanted to see how my little brother and I felt about It or something along the lines of that. Yet, In one of the later sessions my Father had admitted to have been drug tested by the CPS (Child Protective Services) and tested positive for a certain extremely addicting drug. He also stated that if he didn’t become clean, then my mother would achieve full custody of my brother and e.

I was completely astonished because I had absolutely no Idea that my Father could or would have a problem like this. He immediately Joined AA(alcohol anonymous) and began the twelve step program. Luckily he tested negative throughout each one of the remaining drug tests and got to keep Joint custody of his beloved sons. Today, my Father has not had one sip of alcohol or anything else In the past five years. The fact that he overcame his addiction in order to keep custody of his children, to me is a tremendously heroic action. This is why my Father Is my hero.