Clothing and Good Physical Health

Summer and Spring clothes are worn for Warmth, Comfort and Style. People sometimes wear different types of clothing for Protection, Comfort and Style. To preserve good physical health, clothing protects us from cold temperatures. It can protect us from sunshine or high winds. It can also protect us from the wetness of rain. Throughout history, clothing has protected people from attackers. People need protection from dirt, insects, and other harmful agents in the environment. Some garments protect workers from the specific dangers of their jobs.

Hard hats and safety goggles are examples. With winter clothing it is used for the protection of your body. You need to choose your clothing thoughtfully to stay cozy yet still be able to move easily. For Instance, a three layer jacket, a scarf, furred boots and especially a thermal. These are winter garments that you should wear to keep you warm and to keep out the cold. The clothes shouldn’t be too tight or loose reason being tight clothes inhibits free movement, and loose clothes allow the warm air and body heat to escape.

We wear clothing that is creatively designed, and we combine garments in artistic ways. Decorations people use still depend on their native culture. For example: body paints, intentional scarring or binding are for adornment. Ideas can change with time. What is beautiful to us one year may not look attractive at all to us a few years later. Clothing can satisfy the psychological need of belonging such as to a profession, social group, association, or country of heritage. It indicates what “role” you play or what skills you have. One more common type of clothing is Summer clothing.

People all over the world especially the Caribbean wears summer clothes all year round. It comes in all sort of style and people also wear summer clothes also very absorbent for style. Most of the clothing is light weighted and also very absorbent. We learn early in life what others expect us to wear. It gives a sense of belonging. Too much conformity can mean a loss of personal individuality. Certain ways of dressing give clues about personality traits (For Example: people who wear very decorative things are usually very sociable).

When we choose styles different from out friends, we are expressing our individuality. The least types of clothing are Spring clothing. People mostly wear these types of clothing when winter season is about to finish it can also be worn for comfort. It is lighter in weight than the winter garments. The winter changes so suddenly that you need something not to heavy or light. You need Shoes that ease your feet but protect them from cold or rain. The fabrics are bright and bold in color. Clothing is needed in our everyday life and some can be very expensive.