commuters on public transportation:

Public Transportation there are many kinds of commuters on public transportation: there are bus commuters, train commuters, and plain commuters. The first kind of commuter are people who ride the bus. At some point in their lifetime, everyone has had to ride the bus. Children ride the bus to school on a daily basis all the way through adolescence. People who live in large cities, ride the bus just about everywhere they need to go.

Local buses bring in large amounts of money for their area and can be very helpful to the people of the town. The second facet of transportation would be the train system. Among the many classifications of train systems, there are subways, trolleys, and rail ways. Subways are utilized by people who live in large areas. Trolleys are used by people who live in smaller areas, like suburbs. Rail ways, broken up in rail roads, are used all across the nation.

Rail road cars, drive on train tracks, and have become so popular that collectible toys have even been made after them. Rail ways help transport many of our nation’s most important goods, and without them we would be facing serious problems. The third type of transportation are airplanes. Air planes are mostly used for long distance traveling. Air planes are the most expensive of the three types, but they are still used very often. The wealthy often use air planes as their main way of traveling.

Air planes can be seen by some as dangerous and very risky because of their bad history in the past. Air planes are high flying machines that carry people from city to city and sometimes even across countries. Air planes are used by people in politics, the millitary, and even regular citizens. Air planes are very important to our country and help make our lives much easier. As you can see, there are many diffrent types of transportation, but they all help make our lives easier in their own special way.