concept of being an American

Before reading this article, what was your answer to the question “Who’s American?” How did you develop this concept of being an American? If you or your parents were born in another country, how would you define the National identity of that Country? (For example, what does it mean to be Dominican or Chinese?) When I first seen the question who’s American my answer was that the American culture is primarily western or any one born in the United States of America. My parents and I were born in the United States of America. How I developed this concept was from the way I was raised because I was born in the United States and I was always told your American. To be Dominican means that you was born to parents in the Republic.

To be Chinese means that you was born to parents that are Chinese. How can the concept of a National identity both unite and divide people? Concepts of National identity can divide and unite people by providing conflicted opinions. Opinions serve as ways to unite people by providing sense of commonality. Opinions can also diverse set of ideals that cause conflict and division. After reflecting on these issues via this article, these questions, and class discussions, has your concept of what it means to be American changed? If so in what ways? I would have to say after I looked at all these issues and article and class discussions my concept hasn’t changed. But I have learned more about what it means to be American. But for myself I don’t look or judge people for where they are from whether they are American or whatever Nationality.