Conspiracy theories

Conspiracy theories have been around forever, but today there seems thousands of them. These theories are developed over time, by looking at past and current events throughout time. When we look at these events, we reanalyze them and question whether or not there is more to the story. This is done because we like to create ideas and seek the truth. One of the most well known conspiracy theories is the secret group known as the Illuminati. The Illuminati in modern times is thought of as a secret group, whose members are made of the world’s most influential and famous.

These members include world leaders such as presidents, prime ministers and dictators. Even many celebrities are mentioned, mostly being well known song artist. The goal of the Illuminati is to control the economy and use mind control to establish a new world order. All the members involved are rumored to be self-seeking opportunist who perform satanic rituals to bring harm to the masses for their own spiteful desires. Even though This might be just another bogus theory, it is important to be aware of it, otherwise we are doomed because We can’t allow ourselves to be blind to the truth and the rich will take advantage of us.

Since the Illuminati has control over world finance, politics and media they control a lot of the way we live, but not how we live. I’ve looked into the Illuminati for almost five years now and it’s crazy how much of a stir this idea has caused and how many people talk about it. To me this just gives the theory strength and once an idea has enough believers to back it up, that’s when the threnody is no longer just a thought, it’s a reality. With an idea like this becoming so powerful, it’s common sense we need to keep our eye open especially with crazy people who will try to attack influential people whom page

they believe to be members of the Illuminati. Either way it’s always nice to be open minded and aware in your approach to life. Now as for the legitimacy of the Illuminati, it’s real and refers to a very old group called the Bavarian Illuminati, founded by Adam Weishaupt. The term Illuminati comes from the Latin word illuminatus, meaning “enlightened”. The members of the group were known as the enlightened ones. The Illuminati in the 1700s had a goal to eradicate superstition and the Roman churches domination over science and philosophy.

Even though the group only gathered 2,000 members within the span of ten years, keep in mind it was the 1700s and all the members where very influential people. Those influential people were literary men who were attracted to the group because of they faced the same opposition. Eventually Karl Theodore became ruler of Bavaria and he decided to put a ban on all secret groups like the Illuminate, due to his ties with religion. This is where the original Illuminati was supposed to have been disbanded, but throughout time former members who spread their influence and rose back to power.

This is where the conspiracy theory starts and the modern day Illuminati begins to rise to power. How they kept communication is widely argued about, the only thing that is consistent is that the old members that were cast out from the original group scattered out and recruited new influential members across the globe from Napoleon Bonaparte to George Washington. Eventually the American Revolution happens and America gains it’s independence. With George Washington leading this new born nation, this country was being guided by a man who pledged his allegiance to Lucifer in order to gain wealth and fame, at the cost of the suffering of others.

With so much power the Illuminati began to rise and never stopped, due to how great a nation America became. Today America is arguably the lone super power nation, filled with the most diverse population and greatest minds from everywhere, we have found a home. The only problem is the Illuminati is a guest in our home and will make it their own if we’re not aware. Most people would say if secret page organizations like this were so powerful, it would be obvious to spot out and destroy it. This is half true, they are powerful, but with media distracting us everywhere we go, it’s easy to blend in.

The Illuminati will remain hidden until they want to make their big move for world domination. In order to survive we must keep track of it’s active members and try to limit their growth as much as we can. This theory has been going around ever since the first group broke up in the 1700s and the theory has only continued to grown due to it’s infamy and signs of credibility. The theory has been presented from everyone all over the world. With a theory as big as this one has become, there are going to be a lot of issues and there needs to be some proof to back it’s claim.

Now it’s time to show all the symbolism the Illuminati uses to communicate with each other right under the public’s nose. They control the currency and the bills we use in America. On the one dollar bill there are so many coincidences. The main one being the eye in the pyramid on the back of the dollar bill. The Illuminatis main symbol the all seeing eye staying true to their original symbol back in the 1700s. Now this may seem like an extremely far fetched coincidence, but there’s more. The latin words above and below the pyramid.

Above the pyramid it says Annuit Caecares, in latin this means annoucing the birth. then below the pyramid it says nuevos ordo seclorum meaning New world order. Announcing the birth of a new world order seems fitting because America gained it’s independence, but the next part is where you start to question what’s really going on. Below the pyramid is a date May 1st, 1776. The birth of the original Illuminati, not America. It doesn’t stop there even the Eagle holding 13 olive branches and 13 arrows. This goes along with 13 stripes on the American flag and the 13 stars above the eagles head.

Finally another latin phrase above the eagles head E plubus unum meaning one out of many because that’s exactly who controls the world’s money, the 1%. The eagle itself isn’t based on the bald eagle, it’s based on a phoenix. The 1782 seal depicts a Phoenix holding arrows and an olive branch. The same seal the original Illuminati used. There’s just too many obvious signs that some thing is going on with American power in relation to the Illuminati. page Another Illuminati symbol is the owl because of it’s the symbol of Mivera, the goddess of wisdom.

The owl is shown as well in the upper right corner of the face on the one dollar bill. Supposedly many US presidents have bowed down to a giant Owl statue locatin at the bohemian grove. The Bohemian Grove located in Monte Rio, California is a major planning and meeting place of the secret group. The manhattan project was rumored to have been planned there. Also Nixon and Reagan decided who would run for president in that spot as well-(herbs 21). Symbolism is a very important thing when it comes to the illuminati to stay alert of it’s presence. Especially when it comes to the media and people we look up to.