Consumer support services and global solution centre.

I worked in Strategic Centre, Consumer support services and global solution centre. I was hired as an front line operative and got promoted to Tech Lead role over time. When I was a trainer, my manager was Navin Kumar. Before working at HP, I used to work with Convergys. I was a front end operative at each of the other jobs before HP. Navin Kumar was my favorite because he had a relaxed mentality to the job but held accountability for actions.

He allowed me and the other Trainers to have a say when running the Training module. He had the final say on all ideas but was open for input to improve the function of the Trainers efficiency. He was very personable and did not have the typical manager attitude. If I did my work when he wanted it completed and it was up to his level of quality his relationship was more similar to that of friends than a manager. If you failed to meet his expectations then he came down on me with a very strong force.

He was not a typical manager in that sense. He set lofty expectations because he wanted me to succeed at a high level instead of setting low goals and just settling for an easy way out. He would set weekly goals and would reward the highest trainer efficiency scores that was internally maintained by HP Training team. This was motivation to test training methods and try to beat out my co-workers. He also had a level of respect for each of his employees that I never received at one of my other jobs.

At HP everyone had the same level of expectations and if you did not meet them, Navin would work with that person to build up their quality of work or they would be mentored more rigorously with a clear performance improvement plan for not meeting expectations. I respected him more for being open to criticism. He would allow his trainers and senior trainers to critique him and help him improve his work quality. If I could work for Navin Kumar again I would immediately…