contempt Characterisation:

Honest, critical but not prejudiced or judgemental: comments about Myra having the smell of fruit or her clothes, which objectively point out her difference from others but does not judge her with contempt Characterisation: -Myra a)Looks awkward (sleepy eyes suggests she is tired or heavy-laden with worry unlike other carefree children; her clothes too big for her suggest she has to take on an adult role when she is too young to do it) b)uncommunicative girl who doesn’t fit in with the rest of the class c)poor (dress too big for her might be because it has been handed down), parents own fruit shop – she smells of ripe fruit.

Her future is limited as she will probably have to help her family with the shop d)Immigrant – ‘Brown skin’, her language is not American in its style ‘please teacher…my brother has wet himself’ e)Has to take on responsibility at a young age and does not have much opportunity to be a child f)Is quite frail and sickly – linked to poverty -Helen a)The narrator whose point of view the reader takes b)a person trying to be friendly to Myra.

She is trapped between her sympathy for Myra and the rest of the class – takes the role of an ‘ally’ c) lives in the country (farm girl), also a little insecure – she used to do the same thing as Myra slowing down in case whoever was behind wanted to talk to her -Class a)A microcosm of ‘society’ b)A group that has “leaders” like Gladys Healey who bully students like Myra and “force” others, who act as followers to do the same or face similar marginalisation -Gladys Healey a)The class ‘leader’ that the other classmates follow )

She enjoys wealth and is popular because she has access to all good things associated with childhood – quality clothing -Teacher a)significant female adult character trying to help but in fact, may be more a part of the cause – artificiality (birthday party when it is not Myra’s birthday), persuading the class to play with Myra (because she is left out) “Do you think you would be very happy, if you were left back there? ” b)represents the role of adults in social reproduction of class difference Mood: Reflective – which goes with the narrator reflecting on this childhood experience when she is a lot older “This sound [children playing on the street] made Myra’s future turn shadowy, turn dark. Imagery -symbol of blue butterfly, symbolising freedom