Corporation in the New Millennium

Hamburger or non-hamburger segment put high value on healthy food such as chicken burger or salads. The fast-food industry becoming healthier than before and the potential customers whom care what they eat will go to McDonald’s get they want. The competitive strategy is toward to hear what customer want and create new life style such as healthy food or vegetarian food, and changing fast for keeping original client and gaining more as well. Answer to Q3: Strengths for McDonald’s:

No. 1 Fast-food chains- have bigger market share than others. Weakness for McDonald’s Image of McDonald’s fast-food is unhealthy-got to change unhealthy image to healthy one. McDonald’s have large market share than others fast-food restaurants. It strengths are more people could know the news of McDonald’s and easy find it out when have new product or promotion McDonald’s should change the image to that fast-food is healthy food, and plus large share market, McDonald’s future will attract more healthy food lover and doing well for its customers. Answer to Q4:

In my opinion, McDonald’s should develop a separate strategy for heavy user segment. According text book” Some of these customers visit fast-food restaurant 20 times per month and spend up to $40 per day in them. ” McDonald’s could develop new strategy for them such as home delivery for free order more than $49 or other promotions. Product Strategy Product strategy begins with a strategic vision that states where a company wants to go, how it will get there, and why it will be successful. ” ”Product strategy is like a roadmap, and like a roadmap it’s useful only when you now where you are and where you want to go