Corruption Is a Curse

Corruption is a curse The act of taking some kind of advantage through an immoral way is corruption. It is one of the most serious social problems of Bangladesh. Because, corruption has become the policy of some people in our society. From the highest level of the public administration to the grass-root level, every level of the society has been polluted by corruption.

The national development is hindered and the wheel of progress is caught up by corruption. It is a matter of shame for us that Transparency International by means of survey has recently ranked Bangladesh among the ten most corrupt countries of the world for five consecutive years. The spread of corruption is visible in every level of our society.

Misappropriation of bank loans by the borrowers, illegal occupation of public property, misappropriation of relief goods such as tin, food, clothes, stealing of electricity, water and gas, income tax fraud, operating fake company and deceive the unemployed, smuggling, black marketing, share market fraud, employment of unqualified persons through bribery, leaking of public examination test papers for money, bribing the judge to influence the judgment, selling and buying of fake educational certificates, bribing the police for not arresting a criminal are some examples of corruption in our society.

People are losing their faith 1 in moral values and righteousness. The common people are stricken with corruption in their every day life. Corruption has polluted our politics, economics, education, administration, the department of justice. Extortion of common people with political power has become very common incident. Corruption is the main obstacle to the development of Bangladesh. Corruption has faded the success earned through the toil of the mass people.

Development of the country is hindered by immoral acts of political leaders and their indulgence to the corrupt party members. They are plundering the national assets. We all have our contribution to the creation of this prevailing situation which is now making us suffer. Dishonest persons came to power through our support and our vote. We failed to support and vote honest persons in the political process. 2