creative writing

My love of writing began in elementary school. English classes were great, but creative writing assignments made them better! I was more content with creative writing, rather than learning basic grammar rules. As I grew older, I didn’t write much. It seems like I lost interest temporarily. All of that changed when I lost my grandfather in seventh grade, only to have my friend move after eighth. It was then I began writing again. Poetry was my friend. I wrote poems to help cope with emotional overload.

I would like to write short stories. I have been unsuccessful at my attempts. This will not stop my efforts to do so. I’ll just have to keep on trying. I’m still writing creatively thirteen years later (in 2004). Although I haven’t many writings, I hope to have a professional writing career in the future. You never know, I might become famous one day. I’m working at it! I can’t imagine my life without writing. When I write, I lose myself. The world could knock on my door, and I would be deaf to the thunderous banging’s.

In a world where it’s not hard to get hurt, writing is a comforting arm across my shoulder. I never knew I’d come to love writing as much as I do. Writing is like a best friend. Friends that will never turn his/her back on me in troublesome times. My writing comforts me when I’m upset, ; excites me when I think about certain people whom I cherish. When I get bad reviews or ratings? It’s easy to sit & cry. I may be disappointed, but not beaten. It just makes me want to write more.

I know I’m not the most perfect writer, and no one ever is. It takes time, but it’s worth the trials & triumphs. I can write just as good as the next. Writing is my gift. The gift I received from the Divine Mother & Father. I almost lost it, but they encouraged me to keep going. Once again, my passion for writing has overwhelmed my life. I do not regret it either. I’m thankful that my Lord and Lady gave me another chance at writing. My gift is one I can honestly say I’m proud of.