Crime vs population increases

We can all see some logic in this type of action as “money” can cause a lot of mayhem, and it’s especially bad for people who don’t have any. Many people can recognize being poor and yearning for a better life. However, most of us do not act out in criminal ways in order to get ourselves out of financial hardship. In contrast, think about the guy who just last week went into that school and killed 20 children and 5 adults for really no reason at all. Nobody can grasp any reason at all why someone would or even could do something so gruesome and evil.

It just doesn’t make sense. So why is it that crime seems so bad today than in the past. Well, I would have to say heavy population increases don’t help. All of the technological advancements only make it easier for us to see all the bad news. I think that some people knowing that the media is going to shout out their names all over the newspapers and televisions is an incentive to criminals who want to be, I guess you could say “known” for something. Crime has always existed, since the beginning of time. It’s almost like it’s human nature.

Nevertheless, is America falling into a trap where crime is normal? As our prison systems grow, are we allowing crime to grow to fill the gaps, or is it the other way around? My personal opinion is that we in fact are. Did you know that when America’s crime rates declined steadily for about a decade and a half, that the United States still had the most car thefts, the most rapes and the most murders in the world the United States still had the most car thefts, the most rapes and the most murders in the world (Economic Collapse, 2012). What does that say about us?

In addition, even though the United States has the largest prison systems in the entire world (and we win by a large margin), we can see that there are still thousands or criminals reaching havoc on the streets of America every day. There are some places that are still showing a slight decline in crime rates; however, others are showing an alarming rate of crime increases. What is the answer to all of this? I’m not sure if anybody really knows. In addition to all of this, is this recent economic downturn going to turn more people into criminals? Probably so, and we don’t know how to fix it.

We can only build so many prisons, and we can only afford so many police officers. Billions are spent in America and around the world each year combating crime, building prisons, paying for police and legal costs involved with crime, delinquency and other related problems, but the problem continues. It’s a never ending battle. Another thing is that a myriad of excuses and justifications for criminal behavior have replaced the principle that everyone, including the criminal, is fully responsible for his actions. Every criminal has a reason why “they” did what they did.

Well, my parents abused me when I was little; I have psychological issues, etc. When does it end? Although, I do agree with this point a little bit. I do believe that poverty does increase crime. Now I’m by no means saying that just because people grow up poor that gives them the right to act out in criminal behavior, or that just because someone grew up wealthy means that they won’t resort to crime. I am just saying that I can see how the way we were brought up and the things we have experienced can create different reactions to things in life.

After all, it’s our experiences in life that shape who we are as a person. There are so many different aspects or crime and crime control that I can get into, from a no-fault society to gun control. However, none of this stuff seems to really make a difference, so maybe it’s time to get together and come up with a different plan. Obviously, what we are doing as a country is not working. References The Economic Collapse. (2012). Is Crime Making a Comeback? Retrieved from: http://theeconomiccollapseblog. com/archives/is-crime-making-a-comeback-12-crime-statistics-that-make-you-wonder-what-is-happening-to-america/