Dana Hall

Develop an action plan, taking into consideration the organizational context and current understanding of the issues. In this assignment, you are asked to stretch your thinking a bit, by designing a preliminary action plan based on your analysis of the Dana Hall case. Instructions 1. Review the action research you have completed thus far on the Dana Hall case. 2. Design a preliminary action plan for addressing the issue at Dana Hall.

Use the Action Research Template (in the Resources below) to guide the development of your action plan. Your plan should: o Emphasize the problem definition stage (Stage 1 of the ARPP), including the generation of alternative courses of action. o Align with the problem definition. o Include analysis of the Dana Hall situation and the organizational context of the problem. o Establish alternatives and your choice for a course of action. 3. Present you analysis of the problem and your preliminary action plan. Choose one of the following two options.