Dependency on Technology

Pornography addiction is one of the leading internet addictions, with 12% of the total number of websites are pornography sites. Video game addiction is also a large factor in internet addiction because of the large amount of MMORPG’s (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game). The average MMORPG gamer will spend 20-25 hours per week on a game. Internet social interaction addiction is the most problematic of the three addictions because of the reliance of new social media including Facebook, Twitter, and Instant Messaging (“Internet Addiction Disorder” 2).

Though each addiction has different orientations, they all can lead to the same risks if exaggerated. Internet addiction disorder may lead to many health problems if done for a long period of time and not changed. A main health condition caused by too much use on the computer is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which is caused by too much strain on the wrist bones (“Internet”, 2). Another is straining the eyes too much which can lead to tired/dry eyes, and also myopia.

Next is weight gain, which can be caused by low amounts of exercise, high intake of carbohydrates and fats, tension on abdominal muscles which makes peristalsis (digestive system movement) slowed, and poor lymph movement that enables the body to remove toxins (“Mind Prison… ”, 5). There are also psychological problems that come from IAD that can lead to depression. An addict that is not using the Internet may have mood swings, feel angry, depressed, or restless (“Internet”, 2). Since the Internet is such a powerful multimedia experience, one may become desensitized to less stimulating modalities, like reading (“Mind Prison… ”, 5). ” Maintaining a healthy physical and psychological lifestyle is important in order to continue living happily. The largest issue with Internet addiction is that the addict spend too much time online and in chat rooms that he/she loses the sense of verbal communication and outside interaction. The user becomes socially awkward and sometimes unable to express emotion without it being typed.

He/she also may be involved in illegal activities like downloading illegal content or develop aggressive online personalities. Not only does the addict lose a sense of communication skills, he/she may also begin to lose family or friends (“Mind Prisons… ”, 5). By neglecting loved ones a building new relationships with online users, this leads to many new divorces. Also because of the addict being irritable when away from the Internet, it can lead to arguments that could become violent. In today’s society, Internet addiction is becoming a bigger problem with the improvement of technology and more social media sites.