difficult decisions in business

Disaster and the Retail Business Owner Natural Disaster and the Business Owner People make difficult decisions in business everyday. People that make these decisions have to stand by them. The situation in this assignment, speaking of hurricane Katrina, I have mixed feelings on the business owner Brian decision. From a person on the outside looking in perspective, I felt he was wrong for raising the prices of the hotel rooms. But in reality, I had to put myself in the shoes of the business owner. In this situation I believe Brian should not give Lilly’s job back.

It was Lilly’s decision to quit her job because she felt that Brian choice to raise the prices was wrong. Due to Brian being the owner of the motel it was his prerogative to raise the rates. Lilly told Brian if he was going to raise the rates then she would quit. I think Brian’s response by telling her by telling her to do what you have to do was more than fair. I felt Lily disrespected Brian telling him she quit and hanging up on him. That helps support my decision to not give her job back. Also, what happens when Brian makes a decision she doesn’t like? What says she won’t react and quit again?

If I understand these terms correctly, I fell Lily falls under Deontology. She spoke her mind because it her decisions to do so and it was her right to do so and it was not for the greater good. I believe Brian falls in the category of Deontological Ethics as well. It was his right to raise the rates of his motel rooms. It was also his right to le Lilly go if she didn’t agree with his decision. Hurricane Katrina was a perfect opportunity to make money of a natural disaster. Many businesses took the opportunity to raise prices to profit of natural disasters. The decisions to profit off natural disaster are not happiness based.

These higher prices will affect the hurricane victims. If Brian’s decision was to lower rates to accommodate hurricane victims, he would be bombarded with customers and most likely lose money. This would cause unhappiness to the business owner and happiness to the customer. I believe Lilly did not support her decision because if she did she would have not reapplied for the job. Brian did raise the rates regardless of Lily’s argument and threat to quit. So why did she quit if she was going to try to get her job back. References https://cdad. trident. edu/CourseHomeModule. aspx? course=17&term=110&module=1&page=bkg