Discuss critical features of speciation

2. What are the traps/pitfalls a company might encounter with emerging technology. How can we avoid these? (1.5 pages)

3.a. How technology speciation helps the evolution of new technologies? (one page)

3.b. Discuss critical features of speciation. (one page)

4.a. How do companies identify emerging technologies in the market? (one page)

4.b. List and explain assessment steps to emerging technology. (one page)

5.a. How can government could incorporate itself into the development of the emerging technologies? Explain few principles that govern the future of regulation. (1.5 page)

6.a. Explain some of the challenges faced by the organizations in assessing the future market.(one page)

6.b. Inspite of the above mentioned challenges, how can organizations assess the future market? (one page)

7.a. How can a company survive in a lumpy market? (one page)

7.b. How do the strategists in companies evaluate the customer responses to the technologies? (one page)

8.a. How can government can intervene itself into the development of the emerging technologies? Mention a few ways? (one page)

8.b. Briefly explain some implications for the managers, in an organization, from the government implication? (one page)

9.a. How does the Disciplined Imagination help the organizations with the strategic planning in the fast-paced emerging technologies? (one page)

9.b. List and briefly explain few limitations of Disciplined Imaginary? (one page)

10.a. How does the scenario planning help the organizations to achieve its goals and how does it address the challenges faced by them? (one page)

10.b. Explain few key traps to aviod with scenario planning. (one page)