domestic and international market of india

Summary statement of the problem: Church & Dwight Co. Inc. is a 160 years old company that has been working to build a market share on a brand name that is rarely associated with its name. In spite of having this status in the eye of consumers its product can still be found among several consumer products in 95% of all U. S. households. Because of its rapid growth brought by its several acquisitions it is now facing new challenges.

It must now rationalize the firms expanded consumer products portfolio of 80 brands into the existing corporate structure while continuously seeking new opportunity for growth. Another issue that is evident is how will the company’s small size be able to compete for market share with its giant competitors both domestic and international market. 2. Summary statement of the recommended solution: The issues that the Church & Dwight Corporation face is not an easy task for its board and management.

The expanded consumer products should contribute to the continuous and steady growth of the company by retaining products that generates more revenues. Penetrating international market and removing barriers such as transportation cost will gain a competitive edge against the giant players in the market. The Church & Dwight Corporation a was founded 160 years ago and became the world’s largest producer and marketer of sodium bicarbonate-based products in United States. Although its name was not popular one, its products can be found in variety of consumer products 95% of all U. S. households (Wheelen & Hunger, pp. 35-2).

The injection of key decision makers with extensive marketing experience abroad would be the key in penetrating the global market. This weakness would become its strength if the right people will be handling it. Right key personnel will surely make a better decision for the success of the company. International market could be jungle for company who has no experience but having somebody to handle wild encounters would be a key to its survival. The consumer products will surely be here to stay for the need of the consumer is endless. Therefore the fight for market share will always be present.

The strength of Church & Dwight will be continuously challenged all through out by newcomers. They should always be ahead all the time. Environmental issues will also be a major factor for them. Comply with existing environmental bill while promoting its products is a very good strategy. Nothing is more important in the mind of the consumer if you can show the usefulness of your product while taking care or the environment where he lives in. This is the same as hitting two birds as one.