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The Bronx from developing like Brooklyn? Well, to start talking about the factors that prevent the Bronx develop as Brooklyn, I have to say that the way in which we see the two cities greatly affects the factors, because perhaps the greatest factor in a city development , isn’t of interest in the other, and vice versa. For me the factors that are preventing the Bronx to develop as other counties in New York State or even the country are mainly education and economy.

Education is a global problem that for politicians they depict only with numbers or simple graphics when talking of the subject, or even when they’re running for office. But this problem is very critical for me, because anyone who is not properly educated cannot be overcome in the course of life, or maybe not gets a good job to support his family or even himself.

Here in the Bronx, when it comes to education is the same, we have to talk about numbers and graphs by making comparisons with other counties and cities in New York State, in the boogie down Bronx 1/3 of the population over 25 Years lack to High-school diploma and, just 17% have finished college or a higher degree, the Lowest percent in New York according to the Census (Brooklyn 2nd). Now I’ll talk about the second one, the economy. Education was first, in order for me to talk about the economy as well, because a person who is not well educated; their economic situation may not be very good, like I said before.

The Bronx is the poor borough in NY and one of the poorest in USA. Brooklyn Incomes house hold is 23% richer than the average Bronxite and the per capita income for the borough was $ 13. 959. The 30. 7% of the population were below the poverty line according to the Census. This means that economically speaking the Bronx is not well positioned as such other boroughs, for example Brooklyn. But the Bronx is still the home to many ambitious immigrants, because here they get started the ladder of life and success.