Eco-Entrepreneurship Education in Forming a More Sustainable Business

What is Global warming? What does it cause? How does it affect us? My essay will talk about the current climate change which we are experiencing today. We have to face the challenges of climate change because climate change is real, and global problems are now experienced in all parts of the world. We cannot escape mother nature’s wrath from every natural resources abused from throwing small candy wraps in streets to our household garbage, from the pollution created by cars and big companies.

Now every bits and pieces of the garbage are all coming back to us in the form of flood that clogged our drainage. According to President Barrack Obama on his speech last Novemeber 28, 2009 he said that because of climate change there will be more floods, more hurricane, more droughts, more wildfires, famine in various places, unemployment all over the world, sickness and new diseases will then follow, increasing gas prices and inflation .

Even the richest countries in the world with expected advance innovations and development are hit by climate change, they cannot escape the economic downturn caused by natural disasters, but with everything going on in our environment there are still reasons to believe that we can still do something to prevent it. This essay will talk about first, the role of eco-entrepreneurship education and local initiatives. Second, we will discuss the global political pressure on climate change . Third, we will also site a real life examples of eco-entrepreneurs and the local initiatives in their respective communities .

Fourth we will also differentiate the economic drivers of entrepreneurship in first world countries and the third world country and lastly the future of eco-entrepreneurs in the 21st century and how entrepreneurship can maintain a sustainable economic growth. On the issue on global political pressure there are several climate scientists who were ask by some politicians to keep in secret any scientific results which imply that global warming is due to increased human activities. These scientists were pressured to hide their report on global warming to protect the Bush 2004 Presidential Election from controversy.

According to Houghton the global average surface temperature has increased over the 20th century by about 0. 6 degrees celsius and emissions of greenhouse gases and aerosols due to human activities continue to alter the atmosphere in ways that are expected to affect the climate. The economic drivers of entrepreneurship of a first world country is different from the third world country. For instance ,the economic drivers of entrepreneurship in America is because of the continuous demand and increase in gas price.

The only solution that the president could see in 2008 is to reduce gas demand and he visualizes the thriving market in renewable energy to begin in America. President Obama’s goal in 2008 is to use 20% of energy which comes from the natural resources like wind, solar, biomass, hydrothermal and geothermal. In his re-election last November 2012 he is encouraging more oil drilling in places like North Dakota, Texas and Alaska this is to hopefully lower dependence on oil from the Middle East. Renewable Energy will be the new drivers of change.

In contrast to the entrepreneurship in America versus developing countries like the Philippines, based on the write up in International Entrepreneur in 2013, the Philippines is a highly entrepreneurial country. The main reason that drives its entrepreneur spirit is its poverty. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) account for the largest share of Philippine entrepreneurs. SMEs, including micro-enterprises, account for 99 percent of all business establishments and 60 percent of the exporting firms in the Philippines.

Entrepreneurship can be clearly defined as the introduction of new system in finance or business ideas or insights, with the hope to transform that idea into an innovation or a new technology which leads to the success of the American economy. Innovation according to Steve Jobs distinguishes a leader and a follower because in innovation you create something new, it is different from an invention. Innovation is an insight or an idea that is original and useful and in-demand, it is something that nobody had done before and it meets the needs of the present.

Innovation is usually a technology or it may be a process or a system that provides a solution to a problem. The importance of eco-entrepreneurs and innovative initiatives in the local communities of America could be the best prevention if it may not be a complete cure. Eco-entrepreneurs are those people who can identify opportunities in the midst of an economic downturn. They are creating a sustainable business and they conduct their business with love and respect to our Earth and its people. Eco-entrepreneurs have a long term goal and they want a sustainable business.

An example of eco-entrepreneurs in the United States today, according to Majora Carter (2010) in her talk on Ted there are three existing eco-entrepreneurs in the Unites States of America today, for example our first eco-entrepreneur to create a new innovation that could start the change in smaller communities is based in Chicago, Brenda-Palms-Barber, CEO of Sweet Beginning, who is a manufacturer of honey-based skin care products but aside from her eco-friendly products her company’s real ministry is to train and employ ex-convicts who wants an opportunity and who wants a new beginning in their life.

The second eco-entrepreneur is located in Los Angeles California his main focus is on the quality of drinking water in LA, he is Andy Lipkis, CEO of Tree People who creates a great impact in his community. The third person we will talk about is Ms. Judy Bonds, founder of Mountain Watch in West Virginia, her focus is on coal river mountain wind which she has employed thousands of people in the state of West Virginia.

In addition with the campaigns that they have started in their own communities, in the same way we could say that our problems do have a very simple solution that eventually would reduce unemployment now and prevent problems in the future we just need to identify what the people need within our society . We could use the negative effect of a climate change by creating a technology that could be needed globally, for instance, the wind farm in New Zealand and other countries.

Therefore if the new innovation is successful in American communities we could also apply it to other municipalities such as rural and urban areas in Asian countries. There is a bright future waiting for eco-entrepreneurs because it gives importance to education , but the government must be supportive. Entrepreneurship education seeks to provide students with the knowledge, skills and motivation to encourage entrepreneurial success in a variety of settings. Variations of entrepreneurship education are offered at all levels of schooling from primary or secondary schools through graduate university programs.

Entrepreneurship can provide new economic divisions and make good students for the world. So we must learn “How to be a better Entrepreneur”. Given entrepreneurship’s potential to support economic growth, it is the policy goal of many governments to develop a culture of entrepreneurial thinking. This can be done in a number of ways: by integrating entrepreneurship into education systems, legislating to encourage risk-taking, and national campaigns. (Wikipedia 2010). They must create a policy that not only gives an opportunity but the funds must also be allocated.

The thriving eco-businesses must be given an opportunity to get additional capitals or if they loan in the banks they must be given a low interest rate since they will use the funds in an ecobusiness venture. To site an example of a thriving eco-business like Ecomondo, which is an Italian largest expo of green technologies, a special forum to discuss new models of economic growth driven by a focus on innovation, clean technologies and a new approach to urbanization and social contexts. ?It is a valuable source of information on ecologically sustainable materials and energy efficiency for recycling and waste recovery operators.

They share their knowledge in Waste cycle/management, Water cycle and air quality, Waste to energy, Energy recovery, Recycling, Renewable energy, Energy efficiency in buildings, Sustainable mobility and Bioenergy. (European Commission 2008). There is still a reason to believe that there’s still hope for the Earth we just need to double time our efforts in educating our people, old and young people alike, we can start teaching even school age children with regards to climate change before it’s too late, before it gets even worst.

We could embrace our climate change problems with so much hope for the future because we know that we can find solutions slowly but it would be surely in years to come. If we will plan and focus our solution in saving the Earth after identifying the problems we can know where to start, the timeline that we need and how to apply that specific innovation as we move forward. Our problems will be solved by local innovations because with every adversary, there are also equal opportunities that lead to entrepreneurship.

Climate change is defined in Encyclopedia Britanicca as the periodic modification of Earth’s climate brought about as a result of changes in the atmosphere as well as interactions between the atmosphere and various other geologic, chemical, biological, and geographic factors within the Earth system. What causes these changes can be attributed to as natural or because of human activity.

We are unsure what really causes the climate change before but now with various signs on what’s really going on in our environment we too must believe that it is climate change and human activity is causing it’s rampant warming because of greenhouse effects, fossil burning and coal mining as the top causes in the list. On the documentary of a renowned broadcaster Sir David Attenborough on The Truth About Climate Change there was a graph there that proves of the real cause of rapid climate change which points directly to human activities.

There is this old saying that big thing comes from small packages. In our battle with our climate nowadays, it’s important to first start on what we can do in our own communities. What help can entrepreneurs extend with just as simple as free workshop on proper waste management leading to entrepreneurship for every young children ages 10 and up in our communities. As entrepreneurs we should find something that our community needs, or we could create a need in the society where we live in, if you have that next bright idea then perhaps you should do so.

This place we call our home is not just for me and you, and it is not just lived by us adults alone today, we should remember that there are children, which is our children who will suffer the consequences of our actions today. For this reason as entrepreneurs, it is very important to invest in education, educating an individual on climate change and local innovations and also in saving energy inside the household or in our offices or in their businesses.

By educating individuals or small little children on the latest trends and the new technology that other country have been using then we can hopefully apply it in our own communities. In addition to the local intiatives of eco-entrepreneurship, example in the Philippines there are countless initiatives done in one city when it comes to climate change. The mayor in Quezon City implemented the “no plastic bag policy” when you go to grocery shops or supermarkets. But what enticing about this was that the incentives you could get if you voluntarily collect non-biodegradable product and turn-it in to them.

The incentive is not monetary, the government officials weighs the collected non-biodegradable materials and convert it to rice grains which is equivalent to the kilos of garbage collected. So it means that the saying is true “there is money in the garbage”. Some people in the Philippines make use of useless materials and garbage and convert them into useful things that can be sold. For example, they take out lotus plants, dry them out and weave them into baskets so that they can export it. Some of them became successful and became rich just by doing this.

The main goal of “There is money in the garbage slogan is to create livelihood by making money out of garbage and encouraging proper waste management. Sagay City is one proud local government unit in the Negros Occidental province to have created “Basuling” that literally means “Uling Galing sa Basura” or charcoal made from garbage. Rizza Palacios, a Solid Waste Management staff of Sagay explained to PIA how the item is made. First, market and garden wastes wastes are gathered and shredded to small bits. Then, it is left to decompose for two to three weeks.

Within that period, the matter will thoroughly melt and the foul smell fades. Using bare hands, the substance is then molded into a rounded mass and dried under the sun for one week of good sunlight. It will be more than that on cooler days. (Sun Star 2010). These are just one of the living examples of local initiatives and eco-entrepreneurship. It is also a good advocacy of an eco-entrepreneur to create an opportunity to our neighborhood or communities because the government want to basically help them and their families and to also nurture one another the same way that we respect and nurture our environment.

If we keep on educating the people, continue to do hardwork even if it gets harder all the time and if we don’t loose hope for positive things to come then we will all harvest the benefits of being an eco-entrepreneur through local initiatives in due time. But if we continue what we are doing right now, if we keep on destroying and consuming without stopping, then we will all be waiting for a big disaster five to ten years from now. The government must wake up and look for the best remedy, and the remedy should be to support the businesses of eco-entrepreneurs and fund the research of the scientists.

The governments need young individuals who have what it takes, these young eco-entrepreneurs who are not scared to try new things especially if they know that it could help our environment. Those scientist who keeps on searching for the best prevention and cure of both diseases and technologies, the government should call them to work together for the good of mankind. In summary, innovation must be the focus of all entrepreneurs. Advocate for change and a supportive public policies which ensures adequate financial resources must be implemented to strengthen the business of eco-entrepreneurs that result to future economic growth.

For the business world, sustainability is about how your business operates whilst having a positive social and environmental impact. I particularly like a quote from the Chair of Corporate Responsibility at Berlin’s European School of Management and Technology (ESMT), Professor C. B. Bhattacharya, who says it’s important “to see that financial value can only be created through sustainable investments as a consequence of creating social and environmental value; in other words, the need to combine doing good and doing well”.

Few scientists and well-known political leaders have been religiously campaigning on climate change and they are also doing their best to influence other politicians in other countries to create a policy and somehow change their ways in dealing with the environment. By creating new policies that support the scientists and environment means setting aside government funds to be able to create these changes. If we could only be gathered together and be focused in one goal together we could still say ,Yes We Can Save our Mother Earth.