Economics – Supply and Demand of Beef in the United States

Imagine a life with no hamburger or milk. How would this make you feel? Do you think you would be able to survive? I know I wouldn’t be able to. Both milk and red meat are important in a daily diet. These two items come from cattle. Cattle and beef in general are a necessity to everyday living. “The importance of beef cattle in the agriculture of this country rests chiefly upon their ability to convert coarse forage, corn, grass, and other products of the land, wither unfit or not wanted for human consumption, into a valuable and much-desired food. Lets face it, we aren’t going to be eating grass or grain pellets anytime soon. Cattle eat grain pellets, grass, forage, and other stuff that humans don’t consume. The cow has a much more desirable flavor inside. Can you picture now eating a juicy prime rib sandwich? This is just one of the many items a cow produces. Local farmers in rural communities are working hard to produce the high demands for beef. “Hamburger meat from one steer would equal 720 quarter-pound hamburgers, enough for a family of four to enjoy hamburgers each day for nearly six months. They are looking ways to produce higher quality beef. The cattle producers are now artificially inseminating the cattle with better genetics to help make the quality of beef higher. According to Present and Future Applications of DNA Technologies to Improve Beef Production, substantial improvements in production efficiency and quality of beef and dairy products have been made possible through manipulation of bovine genetics. Milk comes from cows and that’s what gives you strong bones and lower carbohydrates which are essential for everyone’s daily diet.

Also beef is the number one source of zinc in the human diet. The meat is filled with nutrients that help your body get what it needs to stay healthy. It is an excellent way to keep your immune system going strong and not feeling sick, weak, or tired all the time. Being healthy not only makes you look better on the outside, but also on the inside. Being healthy helps with depression, and eating red meat and getting the essential nutrients helps with all of this.

Being a cattle raiser myself, I know that there are many factors to consider when producing the cattle that produce the meat. Many people say that cows are wasting the land and that their waste is filling up the land space and causing the manure to destroy the land. This is false. The manure that the cow lets out is extremely vital to the pasture. It is a great fertilizer and gives the nutrients that land needs most. This helps with growing crops as well as flowers and plants.