effective ways to communicate in a work group environment


Communication skills are critical to your effectiveness at work and your success

·          Body language

·         Proper eye contact

·         Recognize Everyone communicate different

·          Determine best time to communicate

·         Face to face communication

·         Try to engage how employee communicate with each other

·         Avoid communication mishaps

·         Be a good listener

·         Be informative and engaged


This is an article written by Jive Guest Author Who explains how we don’t communicate enough and how information that is meant to be communicated is lost due to things such as busy schedules. It is also explained how there are 5 tips to be effective.  
This article written by George Brooks explains why emails lack impact, how you should look at all options and why important moments should be shared in person. For communication to be effective it must be delivered in the correct format.  
According to Julie Sweet, people underestimate the importance of excellent communication skills in progressing their career. The author of the article, Krysten G Maddocks offers six steps to improving your communication skills. On her list is learning how to Listen and how to write more effective emails.


This article written by Josh Steimle is about recognizing what we lack in effective communication to be a successful leader, a skill which is usually not taught in schools. The author provides 15 tips that would help employees in the workforce build effective communication skills.  
This article addresses effective communication a CEO or HR rep should have with the employees of a company. The three main points are be realistic and avoid fake positivity, be transparent, and candid when it comes to layoffs. In short, be honest with your employees.



This article was written in April 2017 and outlines 5 tips for more effective communication.  The tips include making communication a top priority, telling the truth, knowing your audience, nonverbal matters and encouraging candid feedback.


The article was written in July of 2018 by Alison Doyle and talks about different ways to effectively communicate with people in the workplace. She describes skills that range from listening, to being open-minded, to respect. These will help build better communication in a workplace.  
Anne Rickets, with Lighthouse Communications, outlined the three “C’s” of conversation. Concision: Preparing a framework that includes point, reason, example, and point summarized. Clarity: That involves avoiding buzzwords or complicated language. Connection: Take a moment before your presentation to make eye contact and be conversational, before the meeting.


According to Fraser Sherman in an article in Hearst Newspapers good communication matters at work. For a team to succeed clear instructions are a necessity. Employees that know they can have honest conversations with fellow employees’ bond and become enthused about their work.



Terry Thrushman


This article explores effectively communicating via email. It questions whether email is effective and provides more effective options: video conferencing and meeting in person.

Technology helps us have easier access to email but also replaces personal interaction. The human aspect of business has been forgotten.


Mikisha Vargas