Effects of Globalization

Effects of Globalization As Candied said (a character created by Voltaire), we must cultivate our garden. Globalization causes diversity between cultures because unfortunately thanks to globalization, the world changes negatively day by day and also cultures are shaped according to this change. In today’s world we have to cultivate ourselves In order to exist in society, Cooperation in cultures helps to follow this change and creates new identities. According to Tyler Cowmen, globalization has a cultural benefits for society but in contrast Dry. Stranger argues that globalization creates a monotone identities which people want to attain It.

Thus, this change which we call cross-culture has both negative and positive side and from my point of view, It’s true that cross-culture has positive effects for creating diversity in cultures but by a majority, globalization has a negative side on us as Dry. Stranger claims. Society’s perspective determine women and men roles in society. Before the period of globalization there was a definitive gap between genders. Thus, thanks to globalization, society’s point of view changes on man and women positively. Before, women have to look beautiful, made-up and have specific body size which makes them all seem bland and plastic like Barry dolls.

They don’t have right to work because they are fragile, naive and emotional but In contrast, man has to be a bread winner because they are strong, not sensitive and independent. Therefore Simons De Behavior (French philosopher) used Hedge’s description of the master-slave dialectic. She compared the terms “master” and “slave” with “subject” and “other. She claims “The subject Is the absolute. The other Is the inessential. ” (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2010) Therefore she argues hat there is a huge inequality between genders and this inequality put women into the background.

However, after the French revolution, the world started to change. The absolute monarchy that had ruled France was over; people became aware of what they were and what they can do. Thus, this revolution caused a big change in Europe, After this revolution, Europe had entered into three revolutions and the most effective one was is the industrial revolution. Thanks to the industrial revolution, society perspective was shaped differently because states started to cooperate between each other. As a conclusion, society needs more labor and this event caused a change in gender roles.

Women may also place in the work place which reduces the inequality between man and women. Also this is a revolution of new identities because we act our social roles how society wants. This revolution causes a change in social perspective, culture, so people’s view Is also change which creates new identities. After all. People developed themselves. As Tyler Cowmen claims “Look at a book and ask yourself, where does paper come from, where does printing come from, where do the ideas in the book come from? What’s the religious background of the author? (Really Creative Destination August,2003) Thanks to revolution, Europe made a trade between each other which caused a diversity in cultures. They changed all their view in every subject especially in gender roles. Thus, this interaction caused a change in whole world. People became more open-minded and they cultivate ‘Off Cowmen affirms, these discoveries created more comfortable lives. Consequently, I’m agree with the idea that interaction lead to the development of personality. It’s true that globalization has a positive side as has been illustrated, but in my opinion, costly, it has a negative side.

For instance, the inequality between rich and poor increases. The Rich get richer and poor get poorer. Economic power causes this difference which influences the culture. It’s indispensable that people should protect their own traditions but globalization cause a loss of cultural identities. Most of the world tries to act according to American lifestyle because America has all the economic, politic power. Therefore, globalization can lift people out of poverty but the inequalities between groups get stronger. People wear same clothes; same shoes and eat same foods such as fast food.

They follow same trends and same dream so as Dry. Stranger claims “As humans we naturally measure ourselves to those around us, but now we live in a ‘global village’ we are comparing ourselves with the most ‘significant’ people in the world and finding ourselves wanting. ” (Bates, 2011). Accordingly, this global village which Dry. Stranger mentions causes a loss of cultural identities because we act and try to be like a dominant culture. In fact, we don’t want to be like a dominant culture. They force us to be like them, they manipulate our brains so they make pressure on us that we should act according to their rules.

For example; George Orwell explains this situation in one of them his books which is 1984. In 1984, he creates a character which he entitles Big Brother who is a dictator of his own state and he forces his people to obey them. He manipulates their brains and he gives a role to play for existing in society. Thus these people loss their identity also their personality as we do. The another example is sass’s Turkey which we experienced the period of wrong westernizes due to media and literary influence. In sass’s all of Turkish people try to live like Europe.

However, their lifestyle is not laid for our culture so in time family values changed and were mostly lost. Also our language started to get lost their value which is a another negative side of globalization. Languages lost their value day by day and it’s a big cultural loss because language is the most important element of identity. As Tyler Cowmen approved the cross-culture, he also add “In terms of culture, there is a loss. For instance, it’s absolutely true that a lot of languages are dying. ” (Really Creative Destination August,2003).

Therefore in sass’s Turkey people migrate to Europe and if e read the books of this time we will observe that writers use French in order to use Turkish. Also if we regard today’s world everyone use English in order to use their tongue. In this manner, I may say that, globalization creates diversity but this diversity also creates a chaos in culture because people start to take someone as a roll-model and try to live like that. In this case, we observe a loss in cultural traditions which makes a negative effects on society. Again Taylor Cowmen argues “The Julian Simon point that the gains are much larger than the costs is certainly true. Really Creative Destination August,2003). I’m totally disagree with this claim so from my point of view, in this situation, the costs are much larger than the gains because when we lost cultural values there will defends that globalization has a positive effect on cultures because thanks to diversity people make change in their perspective especially, they start to know many cultures which help to develop themselves. However I’m disagree with this idea like Dry. Stranger. Globalization damages cultural values. It’s true that thanks to globalization people are not stay shallow but constantly, it causes a loss in cultural identities.

Therefore, I assert the idea of protectionism. Everyone should protect their cultural values and be aware of what they are. Otherwise; in the future, there will be a monotone people as Dry. Stranger asserted. Eventually, this cultural interaction causes a shape in society negatively to the contrary of the claim of Taylor Cowmen. Works Cited Ibuprofen, Debra. “Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy’ 2010. Simons De Behavior. Cowmen, Tyler. “Really Creative Destruction August” September, 2003. Interviewed by Nick Gillespie of Reason Magazine. Bates, Claire. “The Daily Mail”.