Employee empowerments

Human resource aspect Hai Di Lao Trust and Equality Hai Di Lao few employees recruited from the community, most of the existing staff introduced to friends and relatives. They are all familiar with each other in the environment, whether good or bad, are easy to spread and grow. Hai di Lao try to implement a trust in the values of quality. More important than the expansion Hai Di Lao employee orientation is very simply, only 3 days. It is mainly about the lives of common sense and some basic knowledge of service. the real training is practical after entering the store.

Each new employee will have a teacher mentoring. Rather than hiring external trainers, Hai Di Lao selects the company’s best performers to prepare new employees for the tasks ahead. They experience of values and human service concept, learn to deal with different problems than those of fixed service action norms more difficult.

Employee welfare Employee compensation goes beyond financial reward, the company also looks after employee welfare – from high quality housing to company excursions to free education for children of employees. hey also cover the parents insurance for the employees who had good performance. Employee empowerment Full delegation of authority to the staff, can greatly stimulate the creativity of employees. For example, the services that Hai Di Lao provides for the customers, such as nail polishing, etc, were created by the staff in their daily work. In addtion, Hai Di Lao also provides that any of the staff is no need to consult the manager with giving customers discounts. Xiao Fei Yang Workforce diversity

Now days, globalization is not of interest only to large firms, more and more companies are opening up foreign markets to international trade and investment. As a Chinese hot pot restaurant in Korea, it requires the employees to be international. The proportion of Chinese and Korean employees is 1 to 1, as what Hai Di Lao does, the new employees will have teacher mentoring. Especially Korea attached great importance to culture etiquette, the employees must aware of etiquette. Rewarding the staff

With then part-time staff, Xiao Fei Yang provides a vote per month, the more satisfied customers are, the more “smiley face” the staff would earn. By the end of every month, two of the highest voted staff would get salary raised. And for the regular staff, if their performance are approved by the manager and customers, they would receive bonus. Dealing with customers If there is any issue happen between staff and customers, staff will immediately contact the manager to deal with, in the meantime, they will try to meet customer needs.