Employee Portfolio: Motivation Action Plan

Motivation Action Plan Determine the motivational strategy or strategies that would likely be most appropriate for each of your three employees on basis of their individual characteristics. Indicate how you would leverage their employee evaluations to motivate each of the three employees. Describe one or more of the motivational theories and explain how the theories connect to each of your selected motivational strategies.

Kellen has a high level of both positive emotions and | | | | |emotional intelligence, which allows him to be deliberate in his| | | | |decision-making. Motivational strategies for Kellen should | | | |include both intrinsic and extrinsic incentives such as | | | | |supporting his growth and development within the organization | | | | |and providing recognition where due.

Maintaining an interesting | | | | |work environment for Kellen as well as allowing him some freedom| | | | |of choice where decisions are concerned will maintain his high | | | | |level of job satisfaction and motivation. | |Preston |Preston has a strong ability to stay focused and |Preston’s Overall performance rating is low and requires change | Goal-Setting Theory | | |remain on task and finishes projects on time. |in many areas. Preston has a high level of negative emotions | | | |Preston is overall dissatisfied with his job.

In |that may be the cause to his blended style in regard to | | | |order for Preston to feel accomplished he must stay |effective decision-making. These negative emotions have resulted| | | |on a project and have something to stay focused on. in a high level of dissatisfaction with his job. Based on his | | | |We will create a plan for Preston that includes |assessment results, Preston also has trouble regulating his | | | |having an alternative work arrangement in place.

For|emotions. This may be the direct cause to his overall job | | | |Preston we will create a core list with times so |dissatisfaction. Strategies in increase motivation and job | | | |that he can have something to focus on visually. dissatisfaction with Preston may include openly recognizing his | | | | |accomplishments as well as including his in some sort of job | | | | |rotation. Preston’s dissatisfaction may just be the result of | | | | |“overroutinization. By allowing Preston to rotate jobs, the | | | | |company may discover an area that suits his skills and knowledge| | | | |better; ultimately increasing his motivation and satisfaction | | | | |levels. | |Bambi |Bambi is overall satisfied in the work place. She is|Bambi has a strong ability to stay engaged despite her job |Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory | | |usually able to evaluate and express feelings. Bambi|dissatisfaction.

We will need to create a position in which she | | | |is thorough and deliberate in her actions bringing |is challenged mentally so there is not time to focus on her | | | |forth positive outcomes. Bambi has worked hard to |emotions. We will need to keep her involved with different | | | |keep motivated to reach the goals of the company. programs so that she has the opportunity to benefit and grow | | | |She works well when she sets tasks and goals to work|from her job position | | | |towards. | | |