English – Group discussion on Doping in sport.

English – Group discussion on Doping in sport. 22nd As we may all know doping can and has been a problem in some specific sports, cycling being the main scapegoat of course because of the Lance Armstrong scandal. However does that mean doping Is not involved with any other sports. Absolutely not, what many people believe is that cycling is a dirty sport because so many drugs and supplements are involved, however they do not realise some of the sports they love are heavily armed with many different cases.

Cycling In fact Is now the cleanest sport n the industry because they don’t let anything slip past. After seeing a documentary on Mark Cavendish’s wins in the tour de France and the first Brit to become world champion In ages, he actually said that the doping chaperones wouldn’t leave him alone and had to pester him until he took his drug test. What I am trying to get at is that people are being extremely close minded in terms of believing that their own favourite sport is clean.

What do you think about banning athletes? Banning athletes is a very hot topic in the media whether or not it should happen, in y opinion the athletes that take and have taken these substances. For example Alberto Contador the Spanish cyclists who allegedly won the tour de France two years in a row, did this whilst taking a substance known as EPO.

When he later got found out he was banned but not for life to the present day he still competes in the tour de France with no hassle, As well as still being able to compete he Is known as the two time tour winner still even though he doped. I don’t think this is very fair in reality as why should he still be allowed that title when he cheated for it.