English Thesis and Outline;Man of La Mancha Outline

English Thesis and Outline: Topic 4 Intro •Aldonza finds it hard to love because no one lover her back. However this changes when she meets Don Quixote •Using his charm and love she changes her perspective on herself and others Thesis Aldonza’s gentle heart is masked by her rough exterior, but when she meets Don Quixote his love for her allows her to see herself through his eyes. The years of her mistreatment are washed away by Don Quixote’s captive heart. Argument 1 •In the song he describes her name as “a prayer an angel whispers” (pg. 3) •He also states that he has been seeking for her and dreaming of her •This song is strange to Aldonza because Don Quixote is the first man to treat her with When Don Quixote first meets Aldonza he starts his courtly love by singing to her •He calls her Dulcinea, meaning elegant sweetness •respect. •Aldonza is a harsh name while Dulcinea is elegant and soft (irony) •Don Quixote song makes it seem as though Aldonza is the most important thing to him. Argument 2 •Don Quixote’s real love for Aldonza is shown again when he defends her against the muleteers. •Aldonza also fights •Aldonza has never had a man fight for her before.

So when Don Quixote defends her she starts to understand his love for her. •At this point Aldonza has started to transform into Dulcinea •She tends to him and shows affection toward him Argument 3 •Aldonza’s True metamorphosis is at the end of the novel •After sitting by Don Quixote’s side hoping for his recovery •This shows how she has become to love Don Quixote •When Don Quixote dies Aldonza’s transformation is complete and she recognizes that the love changed her. •She shows this by calling herself Dulcinea •She also wears conservative clothing unlike the rest of the play which shows that she is starting a new life