Enrollment System

Chapter1: Intoduction 1. 1. Background of the study The new generation about computer blooms in our day. It is the binding fact that computers are very productive, more efficient, and make our personal and professional lives more successful. In every year, technologies continue to rise up, people must be aware in the development of the technologies to easily come up in the flow of the new generation. Computer is an electronic device that can store data, process retrieve and can also be programmed with any instruction.

Computers can do just about anything and it really excel in certain areas. Enrollment is an exciting day for every student in elementary, high school, or colleges. It is the most expected activity after summer vacation. But contrary to the expectations of the enrollees, enrollment has posed problems and hassles because it has become tedious and taxing. Sometimes the students’ leave it to their parents and other members of the family to enroll them. The unsystematic procedure of school during enrollment is now dreaded by them.

Instead student enrollees have to stand and wait of finishing it in an hour or two, sometimes students are made to come back the next day or even after a week so that they can be officially enrolled. All these have posed a problem which alarm this group of researchers and decided to pursue in resolving the enrollment problem by designing and implementing a system of enrollment which is computerized for smooth and less problematic flow of enrollment in the La Immaculada Concepcion School.

As a students, and as a researcher we decided to create a wellprogrammed system that will develop the enrollment system for the school of La Immaculada Concepcion School. To become more realistic we conduct a survey and some research from the students to know the specific to general problems of their enrollment system that cannot be solve manually. Some student complains about the enrollment procedure in their school, they need to get the enrollment form first and do some certain approval and payment in the different sections in order to be enrolled.

This is a very long process of the enrollment and the personnel assigned in the registrar office will record the enrollee’s information manually after the scheduled enrollment. What if the student’s enrollment papers lost? Will they retrieve their papers? How long will it takes to them to record all the student’s files in the computer. 1. 2. Statement of the Problem What enrollment system can be developed to manage the enrollment of La Immaculada Concepcion School (LICS)?

How to speed up the enrollment process of La Immaculada Concepcion School (LICS)? How to accurately monitor and update the recoeding of the transactions and the pertinent records of the school? 1. 3. Objective: To create a better enrollment system that will manage the enrollment of the La Immaculada Concepcion School (LICS). To provide a system that will discuss the flow of the process of enrollment. To use database management that will monitor and update recording of transactions and pertinent records of the school. . 4. Significance of the study The Significance of this study is to perform a better system that can accommodate all the students in this school in their enrollment, and also as we make a program we enhance our skill in creating a better program for a given problems like this. The importance of this study may help up the said school to nurture up and elevate the functionality of the school to defy and breach their performances for the last 39 years.

The study will also help us as students to be knowledgeable enough on entering the Information Technology field as applying the lectures to actual performances. The La Immaculada Concepcion Schools’ enrollment system gives also a benefit for the following: 1. Students- they can save time and money in waiting a long period of time and it will be easy for them to enroll. There are some students that cannot enroll on the time because of some circumstances; LAN-based enrollment is the answer for the problem. . Staff- they can lessen their time consumed during the process of enrollment. They can also generate a report in a very short time unlike in the manual enrollment system where in the staff is having a hard time generating reports. 3. School- to lessen if not eliminates the existing problems in the traditional enrollment system. 4. Future Proponents- they can use these as theirfutur study and create a better system. 1. 5. Scope and Limitation:

The scope of this study is to perform a better process in the school in terms of their enrollment and to improve the system in such a better way. The system provides registration which includes adding, editing and updating of students record that will be stored directly to the database. It will also generate confirmation of registration. It will generate reports such as class list/ instructor/ schedule of classes per section/ statement of the account/ payment report for the school administration.

The registrar can easily access records, schedule, classes and class list. it provides scheduling of the subjects per section. It also provides printing of some schedules for the students after enrollment. The payment is also included; the enrollee can choose which type of payment will suit them (full or partial). This study has also a limitation, Our limitation is just to create a system that will enhance the process and to improve the enrollment system in La Immaculada Concepcion School. .